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With the ongoing financial challenges facing militaries, observers might be forgiven for thinking that soldier modernisation would come to a halt, with accountants seeking to balance the here and now rather than considering the future. While certainly true in a few extreme examples, the vast majority of countries are seeking to continue their pursuit of modernisation.

To do this, and with financial constraints very much part of the landscape, innovative and practical solutions are being implemented to maintain momentum in the field.

Countries are rearranging their plans. In Spain, ComFut has moved beyond the hiatus following the conclusion of its Design and Development phase and working with its industry partner to form a new, funded strategy with two operational trials in the last six months and a clear, practical plan for the future.

Further North, the Benelux three are pooling resources to procure a common core system with the Smart Vest addressing interoperability and support in the field as well as reducing the financial cost. Even further North and not to be outdone, Russia is acquiring Western next generation armour and testing C4I equipment for the dismounted user.

Beyond this, Australia is gearing up for Land 125 Phase 4, putting it in the hands of Diggerworks. Nett Warrior continue to embrace diverse trials and testing through the vehicle of the regular NIE series of events, fully integrating it within the Brigade Combat Team that the ensemble with operate with in the field. In Singapore the Advanced Combat Man System is gaining a Lite variant, reducing the burden on the soldier.

The greater the challenge the more innovative and practical the solutions that appear.

Adam Baddeley

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