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Elbit SystemsElbit Systems Offers a Wide Range of Advanced Solutions for Armored Fighting Vehicles

From complete modernization to maintenance depots and life-cycle support services, Elbit Systems produces the most diverse and comprehensive range of land based sensors and systems in the industry

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Elbit Systems Unmanned Turret 30mm UT30. © Elbit Systems.
Elbit Systems Unmanned Turret 30mm UT30. © Elbit Systems.

New threats and unconventional challenges have spurred military forces worldwide to equip for urban warfare and low-intensity conflicts. Today’s advanced ground forces are opting for wheeled armored vehicles, characterized by speed, mobility and light weight, assuring rapid mobility and deployment.

Building on advanced in-house capabilities and core technologies, Elbit Systems is a one-stop source for net-centric compatible solutions, including target acquisition, weapon stations, surveillance, fire control, turret drive, battle management and laser warning systems as well as a full range of countermeasures. The Company also offers life support systems, CBRN protection, automotive improvements and robotics. Supplying advanced land systems as part of turnkey solutions and on a stand-alone basis to other defense contractors, Elbit Systems’ comprehensive solutions cater to all types of combatant forces and can be integrated into existing platforms.

By enabling combat under “closed hatches”, improved situational awareness, superior accuracy and unmanned vehicle support, Elbit Systems provides its customers with improved combat effectiveness, lethality and survivability for all types of fighting vehicles. A total-solution concept, covering the entire spectrum of combat vehicles from complete modernization and training to maintenance depots and life-cycle support services, Elbit Systems provides a full suit of net-centric solutions enhancing combat effectiveness, lethality and survivability.

Elbit Systems Dual Remote Weapon Station. © Elbit Systems.
Elbit Systems Dual Remote Weapon Station. © Elbit Systems.

The Company’s technologically cutting-edge solutions include the following:

Unmanned Turret UT30: Combat-proven firepower for armored personnel carriers, fully overhead without compromising troop safety

Encompassing a broad range of weapon systems, countermeasures and advanced electro-optics, the system can be configured with all types of cannons (25 or 30mm), coaxial machine guns (7.62mm/0.3”) and guided anti-tank missiles. Featuring a high first-round hit probability, the dual-axis stabilized UT30 is designed for firing on-the-move and at moving targets. Fully overhead with no deck penetration, the UT30 does not compromise the vehicle’s armor protection and preserves existing space within the vehicle.

Overhead Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (ORCWS): Adaptable, effective and field-proven range of ORCWS - leveraging over 30 years of experience and in-house development

With dual-axis stabilization, the weapon stations provide a high first-round hit probability while shielding the operator from danger. Offering unparalleled performance in battlefield conditions, the ORCWS product range includes weapons of different types and calibers including 5.56mm (0.22”), 7.62mm (0.3”) and 12.7mm (0.5”) in addition to 40mm automatic grenade launchers.

Elbit Systems 12.7mm on Humvee with Observation and Reconnaissance Mast. © Elbit Systems.
Elbit Systems 12.7mm on Humvee with Observation and Reconnaissance Mast. © Elbit Systems.

Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Targeting: Fully-customizable ground and mobile solutions for real intelligence collection and dissemination

Comprised of a broad array of lightweight network-ready sensors and C4I systems, the various system components can be fully customized to deliver effective intelligence in a broad range of operational scenarios. The solution provides day and night observation, target detection and recognition, radar, and identification of friendly forces. All sensors are fully controlled from the commander terminal, with digital maps for navigation and orientation.

Comprehensive Protection for Fighting Vehicles: Supports effective and timely responses to laser and radar-guided threats

Offering 360-degree threat coverage, the range of systems can be tailored to provide the required degree of accuracy and meet an extensive array of threats. Whether installed as a stand-alone system or integrated with countermeasures, the systems can be easily fitted to all AFVs. The systems detect, categorize and pinpoint laser and radar/RF sources. Using a combination of decoys, smoke, electro-optical signals, infrared or laser jamming, the systems effectively neutralize incoming missiles.

Warning Systems: Fully-customizable, detecting laser and radar-guided threats

Elbit Systems’ Laser Warning System (E-LAWS) and Threat Detection System (TDS) accurately detect, categorize and pinpoint laser sources such as rangefinders, designators, beam riders, infrared illuminators and trainers. In addition to laser sources, the Multi-Threat Detection System (MTDS) detects, categorizes and pinpoints radar/RF sources. An essential component of the vehicle’s defensive capabilities, the systems feature audio and visual warnings, high detection probability, and a low false-alarm rate.

Elbit Systems 12.7mm on Iveco LMV 4X4. © Elbit Systems.
Elbit Systems 12.7mm on Iveco LMV 4X4. © Elbit Systems.

See-Through-Armor (STA): 360-degree situational awareness under closed hatches

A revolutionary panoramic observation system, the STA enables operators to understand and experience their environment from a single image. Using algorithms that electronically join imagery collected by video cameras installed around the vehicle, the STA provides a seamless 360 degree real- time panoramic view.

Fire Control Systems (FCS): Highly accurate, modular, reliable, battle-proven and adaptable to a wide range of AFVs and tanks

Featuring long-range, day and night, on-the-move high first-round hit probability against moving targets. Reliable and cost-effective, the systems range from simplified FCS for one-man light turrets to high-performance hunter-killer FCS for front-line main battle tanks (MBT). Every FCS is configurable with battle management systems used in net-centric warfare.

Electric Gun and Turret Drive System (EGTDS): Improved fire control capabilities for heavy turrets and guns

Elbit Systems’ EGTDS significantly enhances turret stabilization and firing on- the-move. The system provides smooth target tracking at high-speeds and in all firing positions, even for heavy guns and turrets. In addition, the system improves safety by eliminating the need for the highly flammable hydraulic fluid used in conventional systems.

Driver Thermal Vision System: Un-cooled thermal imaging kit

Fully ruggedized and suitable for a wide range of vehicle-mounted applications, the vision system includes a thermal imaging camera based on an un-cooled detector and a ruggedized LCD display installed inside the vehicle.

Elbit Systems

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