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UK based BCB International Ltd is an established leader in the field of protective and survival equipment. Its latest innovations show that it has not lost its knack for pioneering quality products that meet the evolving needs of soldiers

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Fire Dragon. © BCB
Fire Dragon. © BCB

Firing up a Greener Army

For dismounted soldiers, the ability to make a quick brew and cook rations in double time without giving away your position to the enemy is vital.

BCB has developed an entirely new clean green cooking fuel made from sugar beet for the military and plans to open a new manufacturing facility this summer thanks to support from the Welsh Government’s Economic Growth Fund.

BCB has been developing and formulating its new fuel, ‘Fire Dragon’, over the past five years and as its Fire Dragon Project Manager, Derek Taylor, explained the funding had been critical in enabling the company to start manufacturing: “We reinvest a substantial proportion of our profits every year on R&D and product development and have invested significant sums on Fire Dragon’s development.

“Funding support was therefore vital for us to proceed with the project now and invest in a new manufacturing facility to start production this year. Any delay could also have resulted in a lost opportunity to be the first in the market with this type of product.”

Crusader Cooker. © BCB
Crusader Cooker. © BCB

Derek Taylor said Fire Dragon, which was developed with support from Cardiff University, is a major advance on existing solid fuels for cooking. It is ethanol based, the consistency of candle wax and therefore easy and safe to transport, burns clearly and cleanly with a zero carbon footprint in its production and use. A number of other products on the market are toxic and sold with health warnings – some give off cyanide derivatives when burnt, while others release formaldehyde in certain situations.

He added there was a major international market for a unique next generation product like Fire Dragon which includes the military for cooking rations in the field.

Comparative tests with the currently issued Hexamine fuel show that Fire Dragon would enable service personnel to waste less time cooking and spend more time getting on with their job. Indeed, Fire Dragon, boils twice as fast as Hexamine.

New Cooker sparks interest

BCB have unveiled their portable outdoor cooker, ‘The Crusader’, which includes some new neat touches which will be welcome by soldiers. For those of you who may not be familiar with BCB’s Crusader Cooker system, it uses a ‘Russian Doll’ design whereby all the cooking gear you will need in the field, (Cup Canteen, cooker, Water bottle, flint and striker) slot inside each other and fit snugly inside a standard issue PLCE bottle pouch for ease of transport and use.

The Hard Anodised Aluminium cup which doubles as a cooking pot, now sports an insulated rim to prevent unwelcome lip burn. To speed up boil time and reduce the smoke it gives off, the cooker now has a wind shield and heat exchanger.

By using hard anodised aluminium BCB have managed to make the new Crusader Cooking System 138 grams lighter than its predecessor, something that will be welcome relief for our troops who are already saddled with a significant amount of kit they have to lumber around while out on patrols.

For your journey - BCB International

Bags more benefits

BCB have unveiled their new range of versatile and tough rucksacks called the ‘Payload’ (45 Litres capacity), ‘Haul’ (27 Litres capacity) and ‘Jetstream’ (3 Litres).

BCB International’s spokesperson, Philippe Minchin, said: “From the start of their journey to their final destination, soldiers will feel the benefits of our rucksacks. Whether it’s the comfortable air mesh material used on the spacer pads and shoulder straps of the Payload and Haul, or the closed cell foam lining used in the Jetstream to keep contents cool or warm, the rucksacks are crafted from high quality fabrics which offer more comfort.

Crusader Cooker 2 Mug. © BCB
Crusader Cooker 2 Mug. © BCB

They all come with the peerless 3 Litre Source TM reservoir whose unique glass-like film and grunge guard technology ensures that your drinking water stays fresh, odour and taste-free for longer.

Looks can be deceiving. Despite being packed with features, even the heaviest of the packs, the Payload, weighs in at just 2kg complete with the water reservoir. The rucksacks are available in Multicam, Black and Coyote colours.

Market expansion

Today BCB trades in 96 countries across 6 continents. To keep pace with its expanding role, over the last couple of years BCB has set up manufacturing facilities and associated support offices in America, India and the Far East. This means that BCB has the capacity to swiftly deliver large orders throughout the world. It is this growing capacity that has ensured that for many decades BCB has successfully delivered urgent operational requirements to Government Agencies and Global companies worldwide.

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