"Soldat 2015" to Soldat der Zukunft (AUSTRIA)
ISSP Incremental Capability (CANADA)
DSTL Personal Protection (UNITED KINGDOM)
AIR WARRIOR to Air Soldier (USA)
VOSS Truly Multi-National? (NETHERLANDS)
ComFut Options to Address (SPAIN)
IFD Future Infantry Structure (GERMANY)
Sweden to Field Air Burst Grenade in 2011 (SWEDEN)
C41 Cutting its Coat According to its Cloth (CROATIA)
PIBS Comes to a Halt (SLOVAKIA)
Near Term Needs to Long Term Planning (PAKISTAN)
Malaysia's Soldier Modernisation Programme (MALAYSIA)
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Overview of Programmes as of December 2010

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Country Programme Name Schedule Contractor Team Recent Procurement Activity Notes
Australia Land 125 Spiral Development Action Plan dating from 2004. Phase 2B equipment completed. Phase 3 being acquired Includes Elbit Systems, Harris, Thales & Selex Selected Elbit for Dismounted BMS in 2010. Thales continues work with upgraded Austeyr Phase 4 requirements unscoped
Austria Soldat der Zukunft Concept Phase concludes 2011. Acquisition postponed to now begin from 2015 To be awarded Modified Steyr AUG /StG 77 assault rifle and new uniform mandated items Army Exhibition in Graz in October. Harmonised with EDA CEDS programme
Austria Soldat 2015 Recently introduced initiative. Near term procurement of radios, hearing protection and head subsystem To be awarded Madritsch delivered first batch of its AG77 A1/ML40 UGL Provisional title given to near term procurements
Belgium Belgian Soldier Transformation (BEST) R&D and market studies Decision on joining VOSS in 2011 for Smart Vest Belgium deploys 600 troops in Afghanistan Est. 4000 sets of equipment required
Brazil Combatente Brasileiro (COBRA) 2007 Army General Staff endorsement. R&D and testing and evaluation phase until 2013 linked to AFV work To be awarded Acquired FELIN related equipment from DGA in 2009. New Technology Park plans for soldier technology Two versions planned: Amazon and Regular. Proposed comms solution tested in Haiti
Canada Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP) RFP in Autumn 2011 with responses back by Spring 2012. Contract award in early 2013. Deliveries scheduled for Spring 2014 To be awarded ISS will be procured & supported via two different contracts: the Acquisition Contract for the integration, qualification and acquisition of the ISS followed by the Optimized Weapon System Support for long term support Expected service life of the ISS will be 90 months (roughly 7.5 years) with 27,060 hours system operating life
Croatia ‘Future Soldier’ EDA/LCG/1 participation only on C4I Procurement for Afghanistan deployment inc. Motorola GP300, Kroko ballistic vest, Sestan Busch helmet New uniform and load carriage procured. First 1000 VHS 5.56mm assault rifle delivered Potential new personal radio requirement from 2012
Czech Republic Voják 21 ‘V21’ or Soldier 21 V21 2004-6 single Demonstrator. Squad level ‘Sesedak’ experimentation in 2007-9 VOP-026 led V21 and ‘Sesedak’ New Ceska Zbrojovka assault rifle postponed in 2011 due to funding New sniper rifles and FAC C4I fielded in Afghanistan
Denmark ‘Danish Army Network Enabled Soldier’ (DANES) Work on integrated SMP ended 2005 in favour of incremental acquisition. May procure systems from 2015-20. Incremental procurement in meantime for Afghanistan. Move to acquire dismounted BMS 2009-14 As equipment Recent funding of Aimpoint laser light module, ballistic eye protection, first aid kit, combat vest and Personal Role Radio Significant emphasis on training, IFF, sustainability and mobility 2009-14
Finland Finnish Warrior Technology Programme 2010 (TP2010) until 2014. Fielding from 2017 TP2010 includes Savox as integrator and Millog, Nethawk and Insta Tender for infantry hand held thermal imagers began late 2010 Three versions of system required for Territorial Troops, Regular and SF
France FELIN Series delivery begins 2010 1st Bat. fully equipped Summer 2010. Total of 22,588 equipment sets ordered est. $1billion Sagem New RIF radio in 300-400MHz or 1.3MHz in 2013 Could be deployed to Afghanistan in 2011
France FELIN V.2 Technology Roadmap/ Concept phase Sagem Additional Integrated Red and Blue Force Tracking, UGVs, fuel cells and FAMAS replacement Probable point at which FELIN integrated into Scorpion
Germany IdZ-1/BS April 2010, Germany's (BWB) signed a contract with EADS Defence & Security for a further 220 units of the IdZ BS Cassidian A total of 2500 systems now acquired Basis for Warrior 21 C4I
Germany IdZ-2/ES Risk reduction 2006-8. Pre Series contract 2009. 2011 trials and contract late 2011/early 2012 for 40 systems Rheinmetall Alpine Testing begins mid 2011 Total requirement for 9040 systems
Greece ‘Future Soldier System’ Studies linked to EDA To be awarded 50 Theon Sensors NX-122A NVG in 2009 Programme postponed indefinitely
Hungary ‘Future Soldier System’ Joined EDA work in 2007 To be awarded Selected BMS in 2009 Programme postponed indefinitely
India Futuristic Infantry Soldier As a System (F-INSAS) Phase 1 2012 weapons, body armour, clothing and individual equipment Phase 2 ISTAR 2015. Phase 3 C4I 2020 To be awarded Began INSAS replacement programme in 2008 Related BMS due for fielding from 2017. DRDO developing UGL and airburst ammunition
Israel Israeli Advanced Soldier First deliveries of ‘Dominator’ system in 2009 Elbit Systems prime contractor IDF assesses Elbit’s Skylark II UAV Integral part of Digital Army Programme
Italy Soldato Futuro Testing at Forza NEC with 62 V1.2 Systems. Critical Design Review scheduled end 2010. Delivery of 558 v.2.0 systems in 2011 Selex Communications, Larimart, Selex Galileo, Beretta & AeroSekur Significant testing of ARX-160 assault rifle in Afghanistan with Folgore Brigade Testing closely integrated with Forza NEC work
Japan Advanced Combat Infantry Equipment System (ACIES) Evaluation 2005-8. Demonstrators in 2008. LRIP deliveries 2011 Hitachi Summer 2010 Type 89 5.56mm assault rifle modified for accessories for deployments to Iraq Brentronics reported as battery supplier
South Korea ‘Future Soldier’ Concept and development phase. Acquisition from 2016 to field in 2020 To be awarded K11 airburst grenade equipped rifle acquired Defence budget rise of six percent in 2011
Malaysia ‘Future Soldier’ Study phase unfunded programme Sapura has made proposal Air Force SF acquired RF-7800S Malaysian Army Future Soldier Combat Uniform MK II demonstrated in early 2010
Netherlands VOSS (Improved Operational Soldier System) Pre-Study Phase completed late 2010. Study Phase to mid 2011. Field from 2014 Smart Vest, power Supply, Load Carriage and Protection Contract for Fokker E-Lighter fuel cell expected over Winter Dutch only requirement for 5500 Systems. November RFP for 4000 NVG
Netherlands VOSS 2 Scoping Requirements Includes enhancement for SF requirements C7/C8 Assault rifles replaced from 2015 Joined EDA WOLF urban radio work
Norway NORMANS (Norwegian Modular Arctic Network Soldier) Successful C4I trials in Oct. 2008. Further small scale de-risking trials in 2010 Thales, Teleplan and Kongsberg Norway selected HK416 in 2007 Norway operates Raven UAV in Afghanistan
New Zealand ‘Future Soldier’ Incremental acquisition in similar areas to Land 125 Phase 2B To be awarded Evaluated BAE Systems ULW load carriage in 2010 Cuts in November Defence White Paper
Pakistan Concept phase To be awarded To be awarded but inc. POF on lethality Prioritising NV and lethality in near term Assessing new flamethrower technology
Tytan New procurement plan and requirements issued in late 2010. Tytan 0/’Mini Tytan’ to be fielded late 2012. Tytan 1 in 2014-15 Expected to be led by Bumar Tytan 0 integrates existing equipment for Afghanistan. Titan 1 will inc. new SA and NVG ‘Digital Battalion’ testbed funded for 2011
Portugal Soldado do Futuro Experimentation from 2008. Next phase post 2012 To be awarded Pandur deliveries rescheduled Bid process was expected to begin in 2011-12
Romania Romanian Individual Fighting System (RIFS) Initial trial with demonstrator To be awarded 60 MaxxPro Dash MRAPs for Afghanistan Harmonised with EDA CEDS. Using the Quandtum3D Expedition DI systems with VBS2
Serbia ‘21st Century Soldier’ Study Phase To be awarded First acquisition based around Zastava 5.56mm weapon system Some expectation of a 1500 strong buy from 2014
Singapore Advanced Combat Man System (ACMS) ACMS delivered to first battalion in 2009 ST Engineering, ST Electronics, ST Kinetics and DSTA Expected to complete in 2012 Further R&D work on rationalising legacy equipment notably NVG, navigation and security
Spain Combatiente Futuro (ComFut) Design and Development Phase with 36 systems concludes November. Production phase planned from 2011 planned. Additional phase for further testing expected instead Cassidian prime contractor plus Indra Sistemas, Iturri, Amopack SL, Fedur and GMV Further modifications to rifle and optronics Full systems weighs 45Kg. Night vision, binoculars and C4I potentially fielded in Afghanistan
Slovakia Prokrocily Individualny Bojovy System (PIBS) Last ten man squad trials in 2009. Funding halted after Concept Development and Experimentation Phase. Original plan was to equip brigade from 2012 Magic Corporation plus Cassidian, Thales and H&K for trials using ‘IdZ-1/BS’ equipment Fielded new load carriage systems and personal protection including Helmet New assault rifle from 2017
Slovenia 21st Century Warrior or Slovenian Warrior Pre-study phase 1998, Study phase 1999-2005 procurement from 2002 Various suppliers New small arms throughout Est. cost €18.000 per soldier
South Africa African Warrior Requirement Operational Capability was approved in 1999 Functional User Requirement Statement and the Logistic User Requirement in 2003 Project Study Report and the Customer Selection 2004. Now phased procurement To be awarded Recent acquisition in night vision, communications and navigation R4 replacement in long term
Switzerland IMESS (Integriertes Modulares Einsatzsystem Schweizer Soldat) Sept-Oct 2008: Field trials Since Nov 2008. Planning of maturation phase Spring 2011. Field trials 2011 and qualification acquisition of a further 100 system. 2015/16 – first series production Cassidian & Sagem selected as prime contractor November 2007 Contract for 25 IMESS prototypes with options for maturation and series production of 100 – 5000 systems Additional SIMUG battlegroup training system in 2009 Schedule extended in Armasuisse 2009 Procurement plan
Sweden MARKUS Markstridsutrustad Soldat (Swedish Project for Development and Acquisition of Equipment for Foot Soldiers) Plans finalised in 2010. Integrated Capability for MARKUS V1 from 2014. New small arms family from 2017 To be awarded Bought RF-7800S in two batches. New C4I RFP in May 2010, fielding in 2012-14 New wheeled IFVs in 2014
Thailand SFT 21 Concept phase To be awarded Acquired Tavor in 2007 Infantry operate ITL Mini SEAS NVG
Turkey ‘Future Soldier’ Concept phase To be awarded Fielding PRC-9651 hand-held SDR at squad level Defence co-operation agreement with Saudi Arabia in 2010
United Kingdom Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) 1A Training period, deployment to Afghanistan 2011. SISTA-era element already deployed Thales PCMO for Assessment Phase. FIST IA equipment sourced from ELCAN, Qioptiq, Uniscope, Vectronix and Istec Going ahead with CLR. Acquiring new Soldier Beacon SA capability DC3 programme worth £660m to 2015
United Kingdom FIST 2 New home for FIST 1B from 2015 Currently Thales PCMO Major R&D thrust on burden reduction Part of System Integration epoch
United States Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad (MERS) Continuing Soldier as a System approach Various Suppliers RFI in October for rifle accessory control unit to control radio and other worn equipment such as the AN/PRC-153 intra-squad radio Initial limited fielding of IAR scheduled for December
United States Nett Warrior LUT in November 2010. Downselect to one or two contractor(s) in March 2011 and Milestone C/LRIP and contract award by 3Q 2011 Rockwell Collins, Raytheon and General Dynamics Significant power testing as part of LUT sidebars Initial requirement for 20,511 systems in first five years of production
United States Land Warrior Development complete General Dynamics C4 Systems 1-25 Stryker BCT completed its network training. The 4th battalion 5th Special Forces Group began training in November Legacy ‘Manchu’ equipment used widely in FCS/E-IBCT work
United States Air Warrior Began 2003. Increment 3 now completing delivery Includes BAE Systems, Westwind Technologies, Carleton Technologies, Med-Eng Systems, Raytheon, Secure Communication Systems, Telephonics, General Dynamics C4S and Science and Engineering Services Type 1 AWIS DT/OT in November with Florida ANG and NSA certification scheduled for December Equips every UH-60 Blackhawk A, L and M in the fleet and the CH-47 D and F Chinook
United States Air Soldier The first increment of Air Soldier will field to the first Army aviation unit in the 2013 timeframe. The next increment will follow in the 2015 timeframe and the final increment is scheduled for 2018 To be awarded Contract award for Air Soldier Inc 1a is expected in 2011 covering Modular Aircrew Common Helmet or an improved legacy HGU-56/P helmet Goal is to have a 25 percent less bulk on the aircrew members and about a 20lb weight saving
United States Mounted Warrior Contracts in 2005. 165 systems deployed with 4th Battalion 9th Infantry Regiment in Iraq in 2007-8 General Dynamics C4 Systems and Microvision Increment I provided the Mounted Warrior Helmet-Mounted Display Became MSS Increment I
United States Mounted Soldier Systems (MSS) Engineering Manufacturing and Development phase awarded May 2009. System testing scheduled September 2010 Rockwell Collins MSS will cover HMD, Cordles Comms, Microclimate cooling Soldier force protection Will initially equip M1-A2 SEP V2, M2-A3 Bradley, M3-A3 Bradley and M113 Medical Evacuation Variant vehicles
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