What makes an optical weapon sight an ELCAN Specter?… they're founded on optics by ELCAN

ELCAN Specter® sights are military optical combat sights that help shooters see better and farther in extreme environments and unpredictable situations. Raytheon ELCAN has been designing and manufacturing advanced sighting systems for man-portable weapons since 1986. ELCAN Specter sights offer a complete line of battle-tested premium military tactical weapon sights defined by ruggedness, optical performance and unique capabilities.

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Rugged & reliable

Shock protected, precision optics deliver reliable performance in the toughest environments on earth - proven in Arctic, desert and jungle environments - and on the most unforgiving platforms, including machine guns.

Forgiving eyebox

Generous eye relief provides quick, “both eyes open” target
acquisition and optimal situational awareness.


Optical performance

High efficiency broadband coatings and large exit pupil diameter provide bright, crystal-clear optics with extended low-light performance.

Unique capabilities

External laser filters can be removed or damaged - that's why ELCAN has developed an integrated laser protection to keep soldiers safer. On the Specter DR dual role sight, the patented throw lever is now available to accommodate left and right-handed shooters.


Battle proven

Hundreds of thousands of ELCAN Specter sights are fielded with elite allied forces around the world including U.S., Canada, Germany, Italy, U.K., Australia, Chile, Argentina and Denmark.

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