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A new generation of user-centric in-ear headsets on its way

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Technology used for in-ear headsets has improved significantly in recent years, especially when it comes to usability. A new generation of INVISIO in-ear headsets is on the horizon - the result of highly focused user-centric development. The new headset will offer unrivalled situational awareness and hearing protection but most of all set a new standard for ease of use and comfort.

Comfort and ease of use

Lightweight, compact design and minimal interference with headgear or eyewear have always been key advantages of in-ear headsets. But the latest INVISIO developments push the boundaries of comfort and ease of use for in-ear headsets in the field.

INVISIO has used extensive feedback from in-field user experiences to add a range of new design features to overcome common in-ear headset issues such as fitting and discomfort for prolonged usage.

A Voice Pick-up Sensor (VPU) - which picks up vibrations from the inner ear and transforms them into speech - is integrated into the new headset. The entire earpiece is used to transfer the vibrations so there is no need for a specific in-ear contact point. This makes it fast and easy to fit the new INVISIO in-ear headset and provides robust and reliable audio transmission.

The new headset will offer more choices and solutions for users than ever, including foam tips for ultimate hearing protection, tri-flanged tips that are quick and easy to fit, and custom moulds, creating fully personalized tips.

The latest generation of headset offers improved ergonomic design, soft materials to ensure comfort and headset sleeves to protect from wear and tear as well as providing a secure and comfortable fit. They are also smaller than ever, minimizing load and interference with eyewear or headgear, all without compromising hearing protection or situational awareness.

Tactical advantage

As well as being user-focused, in-ear headsets are headwear-agnostic, providing tactical advantage and unrivalled flexibility.

There is no need to attach the earpieces to the helmet or adapt it to the helmet's cut - it will work with almost all tactical helmets. The fact that the earpiece is placed directly in the ear makes it ideal for use with gas masks and other respiratory systems without impeding communications, providing a high level of mission versatility.

The small, unobtrusive design also minimizes visibility, giving a tactical advantage in civilian scenarios and missions where other types of headsets can seem bulky and conspicuous, adding to the variety of use cases and giving both flexibility and tactical advantage.

Natural situational awareness and superior audio

Without a headset, most people will experience a sound localization error of 5-10 degrees. Wearing an over-the-ear headset, this error can increase significantly, upwards of 30-40 degrees - much of it typically stemming from front to back confusions.

With an in-ear headset, this error is significantly reduced as the brain utilizes the ear's contours for sound localization.

Adding the latest developments from INVISIO's new in-ear headset, with optimized design and improved microphones, sound localization error is further reduced and to a degree that directionality perception and situational awareness is virtually as good as if the user was not wearing a headset at all.

As with previous INVISIO in-ear headsets, different hear-through modes are available for quiet environments, constant high-noise environments, and environments where natural situational awareness is paramount.

Audio has also improved with the next-generation INVISIO in-ear headset. The new voice pick-up technology allows the headsets to deliver sound quality comparable to conventional boom microphones.

AI-powered audio enhancements provide unparalleled communication and speech quality excluding unwanted noise, while digital signal processing supports automatic adjustment of received audio volume.

Market leading hearing protection

Hearing protection in tactical environments is key in preventing long-term hearing loss - but has to be balanced with the need not to compromise situational awareness.

INVISIO's technology provides certified, market leading and level-dependent hearing protection, ensuring ambient noise or received audio from a user's own equipment never exceeds the threshold for safe sound levels.

For extreme noise, a dual-layer hearing protection solution will be available, combining the new INVISIO in-ear headset with the INVISIO T7 over-the-ear headset. Digital audio processing software creates interoperability between the two headsets, utilizing the hear-through microphones from the T7 headset for situational awareness and the in-ear headset for transmitted and received audio.

The introduction of multiple types of ear tips also contribute to improved hearing protection as they allow the user to always choose a configuration that is suitable for the operational scenario, thus also maintaining protection.

The next chapter

The latest generation in-ear headset is a product of user-focused technological advances, combining the flexibility and ruggedness of previous in-ear headsets with the latest advancements to ensure comfort and ease of use.

Advances in voice pick up technology remove the need for a specific in-ear contact point and makes the headset easier to use than ever, while expanded ear tip options allow for more choice, comfort and personalisation, and improved hear-through performance add to flexibility and reliability in the field.

The latest developments - adding to INVISIO's proven track record in ensuring quality communication, situational awareness and hearing protection - mean this in-ear headset sets a new professional standard, providing an invaluable asset for modern warfighters and a tactical edge for the most challenging tasks in the toughest environments.

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