Welcome to the new issue of Soldier Modernisation, last issue we were looking at the Ukraine war and effects it was having on the views of modern warfare, we now have the conflict in Gaza leading the news, with skirmishes happening in the Gulf and also in the seas of Asia. The needs of countries to up spending on defence has become more crucial; this is reflected in the programmes list with more Asian countries spending, along with more Arabian countries following suit.

We look at the views of modernization with the US Army and the new plans for the modern battlefield with the British Army. We look at the new technology being deployed into the battlefield with PNI Sensor, Echodyne, ZeroAlpha and Microflown AVISA, followed by articles from DARPA and Dstl.

We have information on new plans from the European Defence Agency, plus information updates from the Australian Army.

We look at comms systems with Thales, Invisio, Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) and Nokia – the expansion of data to the battlefield is becoming extremely critical to proper functioning of the modern warfighter.

We have now launched a sister project, Military Vehicle Systems:, the project is set up to look at how the modern military vehicle systems support troops in the field. This area has made the modern vehicle a forward command centre, we would love your views on this.

As always, please send your comments, good or bad, to me as it’s the only way we improve the information we circulate.


Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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