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Soldier Modernisation discusses the Sentry 6161 radio system

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Sentry 6161 radio system

Sentry 6161 radio system

The Codan | DTC Sentry Mesh 6161 is a modular Software Defined radio tailored for dismounted tactical communications applications. Crafted to be a resilient, lightweight and compact body-worn unit, it alleviates user burden while seamlessly incorporating interoperability functionalities as a standard feature. Leveraging Domo Tactical Communications' (DTC) cutting-edge IP mobile ad hoc networking (MANET) mesh waveform family, MeshUltra™, the Sentry 6161 emerges as the pinnacle of soldier radio systems.

Q: Why does MANET technology allow flexibility to the modern warfighter?

A: In the traditional military communication setup, infrastructure plays a pivotal role. However, MANETs redefine the rules by creating decentralised networks where nodes function both as end points and repeaters. This agility enables the dismounted soldier to communicate directly with each other and in combination with other patrol personnel, and/or various types of armoured infantry vehicle commanders, forming an interconnected web that adapts to the fluidity of mission-critical scenarios.

DTC's MeshUltra™ waveform family combines efficient use of bandwidth with superior jamming resistance and LPI/LPD performance to maximise voice and data communication effectiveness in contested environments.

Q: Why does this Sentry 6161 differ from traditional soldier radios on the market?

A: There is a constant effort to reduce the size and weight of body worn soldier radio systems to enhance the mobility of soldiers. This is especially important for dismounted infantry who carry a variety of equipment. The Sentry 6161 has been designed as a modular radio system that can be incorporated into future soldier systems allowing interoperability to meet specific mission requirements and combat ensemble configuration.

It differs from the classic soldier radios that are restrictive in terms of agile situational awareness and end user peripherals. The Sentry 6161 is not just a talk device but sends voice over data in small or large group configuration depending on the unit requirements. With a range of inputs, it can be used with the key manufacturers of audio, data, power solutions, antennas, and optics allowing the flexibility for procurement teams to use existing equipment.

Q: Could we look at MeshUltra™ by DTC and what benefits these waveforms bring?

A: DTC's cutting-edge MeshUltra™ Tactical MANET IP mesh waveform family, the flagship of our product line, empower military and communication networks with unparalleled capabilities. Supporting a robust network of up to 144 nodes and channel bandwidths ranging from 1.25MHz to 20MHz, the MeshUltra™ family excels in delivering an impressive maximum throughput of nearly 100Mbps.

Engineered from the ground up, the MeshUltra™ waveform family is designed to thrive in challenging RF environments, effortlessly navigating through strong multipath reflections, interference, and jamming. Tailored for deployment on high-speed platforms, it ensures reliable and high-performance communication even in dynamic and demanding scenarios.

Setting new standards, the MeshUltra™ waveform family integrates DTC's revolutionary "every radio a sensor" Cognitive Radio capability through the innovative "Interference Avoidance System" (IAS). This groundbreaking feature enhances situational awareness and network resilience by transforming each radio into a proactive sensor, intelligently mitigating interference and adapting to the evolving communication landscape.

In summary, DTC's MeshUltra™ waveform family is not just a waveform; it's a technological powerhouse that redefines the possibilities of Tactical MANET IP Mesh communication, offering unmatched performance, adaptability, and cognitive capabilities.

Sentry 6161 radio system

Q: What plans are in place for future Waveforms?

A: DTC's partnership with Trellisware Technologies represents a significant step forward in the development of global Military communications. This collaboration aims to simplify the integration of DTC's advanced equipment with existing MANET waveform solutions, offering enhanced capabilities to current users. This interoperability grants unprecedented flexibility, enabling seamless data link transitions between the two software applications. As organisations increasingly prioritise environmentally conscious practices, this collaborative synergy significantly diminishes the redundancy of current equipment, presenting a compelling and sustainable alternative to conventional disposal methods. Embracing a forward-thinking ethos, this venture underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled mission-critical communications technology—setting the stage for a future defined by resilience, reliability, and eco-friendly innovation.

Features include:

  • Mesh (MANET) technology
  • Reduced bandwidth modes
  • Hardened waveforms
  • Real-time data and video to and from the tactical edge
  • High data rates
  • Superior RF performance in tough RF environments
  • (Urban)
  • Encrypted
  • SWAP optimised
  • Optimised for light ergonomic size, weight and
  • power - 445g
  • Simplistic operation - plug and play, dual PTT capability
  • Expandable architecture - headsets, batteries, hubs, cameras and antennas
  • External GPS antenna interface
  • NetWarrior 7-pin connector
  • MIL-STD-810H and MIL-STD-461G certified
  • BMA Compatible

Q: What are the key features of the Sentry 6161 that make it so effective in the field?

A: At its technological core, the MeshUltra™ waveform family empowers the Sentry 6161 to establish a dynamic, self-forming, and self-healing MANET comprising up to 144 nodes and up to 32 talk groups. This feature imbues the system with unparalleled resilience and adaptability, especially in the intricate landscapes of complex urban settings and non-line-of-sight environments. In such challenging scenarios, where conventional radios falter, the Sentry 6161 confidently excels, making it the ideal choice for those demanding the utmost in reliability and higher data performance.

The radio boasts an impressive IP68 rating, ensuring an impervious shield against ingress, while its MIL-STD-461G EMI/EMC compliance stands as a testament to its unwavering operational integrity even in the face of diverse environmental stressors.

Not content with merely meeting baseline standards, the Sentry 6161 takes versatility to a whole new level, seamlessly integrating with in-service MOTS/COTS peripherals with the grace of a well-thought-out plug-and-play system. In essence, the Sentry Mesh 6161 not only withstands the rigors of its environment but confidently navigates its surroundings, providing a balanced blend of durability, adaptability, and performance.

The radio offers multi-role functionality thanks to its modular, scalable design. Depending on specific end-user role and responsibility the Sentry 6161 can operate as a simple voice radio with battery and headset, or can grow in functionality through the inclusion of external peripherals such as power/data management hubs, failover batteries, bridged 3rd party radios, sensors, cameras, smartphones and more.

In summary, the Sentry 6161 stands for exceptional scalability, accommodating diverse mission sizes, unparalleled operational flexibility enabled by a wide array of peripherals to meet specific command requirements, and robust security measures ensuring the confidentiality of voice and data communications through FIPS 140-2 and AES-256 bit encryption.

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