Software defined hubs for next generation
dismounted soldier systems

Small, lightweight and cost effective smart hubs designed in the UK

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Our UltraLynx™ miniature rugged soldier worn hubs with embedded edge computing capability, provide data and power connectivity to reduce soldiers cognitive and physical burden. Our technology provides the following features and benefits:

  • Miniature rugged soldier worn hubs with embedded edge computing capability.
  • Scalable and flexible open architecture that allows simplified integration of devices that were never designed to work with each other; hubs can be daisy-chained for system expansion.
  • Software defined capability aids interoperability and enables USB driver offload, network routing, middleware deployment and container hosting on the hub.
  • Future architectures employing devices such as weapon mounted HMI, HUD/HMDs and physiological monitors are simplified as the data infrastructure is managed within the hub.
  • Not dependent on an EUD; system operation and configuration are decoupled from the connected EUD
  • Power distribution to connected devices from a central power source can be monitored and controlled through the built-in web-based user interface.
  • Available in both 6 port and 4 port configurations with connector variants to meet the latest industry requirements, fully supported with optional cable packages and textile accessories.
  • Powered by Ultra: Computing & Containerized apps at the edge.
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