Gladius 2.0 - the Rheinmetall Soldier System

Latest developments of the Rheinmetall Soldier System GLADIUS 2.0

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Focus on Special Forces

Based on the sophisticated and proven architecture of GLADIUS 2.0, Rheinmetall has made intensive efforts to create additional variants and adapted configurations. We have taken into account the need for lightweight and flexible systems with highest mobility, of particular importance for soldiers in special operations. The result is the reduction of configuration to a baseline that is essentially needed, nevertheless having the flexibility to add further accessories for specific missions. Also the possibilities to upgrade and extend the configuration on a later stage will be ensured.

The configuration is centered on a lightweight plate carrier with scalable ballistic protection. The radio provides voice and data communication and GPS tracking for blue force information. A modern headset with different variants of push-to-talk (wired or Bluetooth connectivity) enable voice communication. The End User Device, either ruggedized tablet, smartphone or smartwatch, facilitate tactical maps, seamless information exchange and improves situational awareness overall.

That basic configuration can be extended with a smart hub, head-up-display, central power supply and several accessories like sight systems, night vision capabilities and many more systems. For the integration into vehicle platforms, Rheinmetall is developing the Soldier Connection Hub to achieve full interoperability with a wide range of vehicle systems.

What comes next?

Rheinmetall is currently preparing the next generation Soldier System for the German Armed Forces with all-encompassing studies, evaluation, integration and field trials. Among others, the following improvements are going to be made:

  • Improved most modern clothing, ballistic protection, helmet
  • Revised power supply
  • Additional radio systems, latest smart hubs, end-user-devices
  • Enhanced head-up-display and night vision capabilities with sensor fusion
  • Integration of most modern sight systems, laser range finder and laser light modules
  • Integration of improved fire control systems

The outcome of these efforts will incorporate in international projects for armed forces to create customizable solutions with the most modern standards and applications. All of that will be displayed during events like DSEi in London. Individual demonstrations for our customers are highly appreciated and can be organized on request.

Don’t forget about digitalization

The program “Digitalization Land Based Operation (D-LBO)” will digitalize the German Armed Forces during the next decade. Together with the experts of blackned, the Bundeswehr introducing the middleware to scale digitalization of the armed forces.

The Tactical Core of blackned is a tactical middleware for all domain operations, and together with Rheinmetall’s Tactical Management System the enabler for the superiority of networked platforms in combat situations. This Rheinmetall solution is the future for digitization of the battlefield in all operational domains and scenarios.

Benefits of the solution are:

  • Common network
    • Hardware agnostic software platform comparable to an Operating System (OS)
    • Seamless exchange of information across physical networks
    • Common security layer and handling of security domains
    • Shared Information Space
  • Increased situational awareness
    • Blue Force Tracking
    • Red Force Tracking
  • End-to-End Command & Control for each platform
    • More efficient decision-making processes
    • Decision support and automatisation of decision making processes
    • Process adjustment
  • More effective use of capabilities
    • Digital sensor-to-effector capabilities
    • TEWA (Threat evaluation and weapon assignment) functionalities
    • Integration of additional battlefield assets (drones, UGV, sensors, AI capabilities …)

The general concept of our common software framework can be used for other Nations as well, adapted to their needs and communication infrastructure. Implementation of Digitalized Battle Groups can either start top down with the common middleware approach or it can be realized bottom up starting with the individual soldier forming growing networks.

The triad command and control capability, sensors and effectors are the fundament of our actions in order to counter the threats of the future. Our focus is on improving situational awareness and shortening decision making cycles. Our strengths are in the field of enhancing C4ISTAR capabilities, e.g. sensor and effector technology, integration of AI for reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities and integration of UXS platforms in existing C2 systems. Our main effort is the optimization of a seamless sensor to shooter chain.

With our digitalisation strategy, we want to take the initiative and create the necessary force with our partners to provide key technologies for war fighting together!

Rheinmetall Soldier Systems – Future-proof architecture for today’s digitization!

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