Welcome to the new issue wherever in the world you are reading it. The war in Ukraine is continuing to stay at a crucial phase, the destruction of the dam has made a counter attack by Ukraine difficult. The war is raising the stakes on defense throughout Europe and draining resources of NATO members outside of Europe. Our programmes section has been updated and revamped; this has allowed us to update most of the information, including spending throughout 2023. The military budgets of Ukraine’s neighbouring countries has increased demonstrably and the wish list covers most branches of their militaries, the list is in the middle of the publication and online at

We have articles from the US Army, British Army, Canada, EU, Australia and New Zealand, these look at how militaries are working together in training manoeuvres, new technology developments and where the forces are going in the future.

Technologically we are looking more and more at ‘the digital battlefield’, this is communicating through the combined forces on the battlefield and is bringing about the Military Internet of Things, combined technology to provide better safety and effectiveness for frontline troops. Some of the electronic weaponry we have featured is quite phenomenal, from a variety of companies, so please take the time to read the interviews. The improvements of sight technology is covered as this becomes more and more of a targeting aid rather than just a scope.

We will be running the Dismounted Soldier area at DSEI, if you would like to come and chat I will be there everyday. If you have any comments, good or bad, please feel free to email me.


Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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