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Transit cases are invaluable to the success of an organisation such as the Defence and Military or Medical industries. Used to protect expensive, important or specialist products, tools or equipment, it is paramount that goods arrive at destinations safely and intact to avoid any negative implications.

Whether it's storing or transporting technology, keeping expensive equipment safe is vital. Protective cases are designed to withstand severe impact and protect valuable contents to ensure the consistent high performance of equipment in all settings.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Transit Case

Due to the fragile and valuable nature of certain equipment, moving it around the world can become a major logistical challenge. In the event that high-value items become damaged beyond repair, it can result in increased costs or financial implications for the organisation. It can also result in decreased productivity due to the damaged or faulty equipment obstructing individuals from completing their job to their best ability. This is why choosing the right transit case for your organisation is a tough but crucial decision.

Every industry requires different protective transit cases to meet their product needs. At CP Cases, we supply a range of cases designed to last decades and withstand countless worldwide journeys thanks to their robust design. Every element within our cases are carefully selected to ensure the highest standard of protection for your tools or specialist equipment.

CP CASES Transit Cases:

RCZ Aluminium Cases & Containers

RCZ transit cases bring together the latest technologies in precision CNC metal forming to offer a comprehensive range of lightweight aluminium cases and containers in both standard and custom sizes. RCZ cases are designed to maximise the properties of flat stock 1.5mm thick high tensile aerospace-grade aluminium sheets. This is achieved by introducing innovative rimfold profiles that bring exceptional longitudinal strength and a patented pre-form corner design that significantly prevents impact damage to the corners when dropped with heavy loads. This transit case was designed with the defence industry in mind, with features such as climate protection, venting and EMC/EMI shielding.

Amazon Cases

Amazon cases were designed to meet the applications of the defence, marine, security, aerospace, oil and gas, satellite and telecommunications industries. This type of case has a unique patented design that offers a tough, lightweight, customisable system that can be tailored to an organisation's requirements and individual needs. Amazon cases are highly resistant to impact and drop/shock, temperature extremes and vibration, as well as water and dust ingress. They can be modified to include features such as flame retardant, anti-static and low infrared reflectivity.

Custom Rotomoulded Cases

Custom rotomoulded cases are bespoke transit cases designed and manufactured specifically for a particular customer requirement. Rotomoulded cases offer exceptional strength-to- weight ratios and the plastic is resistant to temperature variations and solvents. CP Cases designers undertake extensive investigation and discussion to design a solution tailored to the organisation's needs. This type of transit case shares many of the same benefits of the Amazon Case range, such as resistance to impact, water resistance and dust ingress resistance.

Peli Cases and Injection Moulded Cases

Peli cases are designed with the industrial, airline, military, broadcast and commercial industries in mind. This case provides all-weather protection and can be fitted with lightweight internally sculpted LD45 polyethylene closed cell foam to provide the perfect “nest” to ensure the secure protection of your equipment. The Peli case is unbreakable, resistant to dents, scratches and corrosion and watertight up to nine metres.


The Airship case is a super lightweight protective case that offers significant weight saving against size and can achieve weight/volume ratios of better than 20kg/m3. This is a patented and bespoke solution that can be customised to suit an organisation's specific needs. The Airship case provides great strength to safeguard its contents through its outer rugged textile container and its polypropylene inner construction.


The ProCase is a long-lasting, rugged flight case solution to protect specialist or high-value equipment, such as musical instruments or surgical equipment. Using only the finest Finnish birch plywood and rigorous and bifurcated rivet construction, each ProCase flight case is glued, pinned and riveted with aluminium edges and steel knuckle corners to provide the ultimate protection. Similar to other transit cases, this product can be custom-built to meet the most intricate design requirements.


The AluCurve case is constructed without an edge corner to prevent seam splitting and add extra strength and exceptional resistance to drop damage. The AluCurve case contains features such as recessed catches and handles, a lid and body seals for ingress protection, a webbing lid and indents for stacking. The AluCurve can be customised to meet an organisation’s specific requirements, such as pad-lockable catches for extra heavy contents and easy manoeuvrability, low profile wheels, labelling and foam inserts for maximum protection.


The AluWeld case is designed to resist the most arduous of climatic and environmental conditions. This case is waterproof with seams and joints robotically welded to ensure the protection of its contents. AluWeld cases are used across a wide range of industries, including the defence, broadcast and medical industry.

Knowing the primary challenges you face in protecting your equipment or specialist products can make choosing a suitable transit case much easier. For example, if you require the highest level of protection from impact and water, the amazon case might be the best fit for you.

Ensuring that expensive or valuable equipment is kept safe is paramount to organisations. At CP Cases, our protective transit cases are available to meet every challenge of rough handling and climatic or environmental hazard. Our transit cases are designed with practical, innovative features and optional extras such as partitions, foam cushioning or labelling to enhance protection and create a bespoke solution tailored to your specific needs.

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