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Founded back in 2014 by ex-military personnel, Brigantes was established to fulfil a need for effective ‘on the soldier’ military equipment and apparel. Since its inception, the company has cemented itself as one of the leading defence suppliers to NATO military and elite police units. Combining decades of military experience with technical expertise and unique global alliances with leading brands, Brigantes have paved the way in this space, demonstrating the vast advantages to be found in tailored state-of-the-art soldier systems.

Extreme cold weather was the primary core capability Brigantes launched. With significant experience operating in this environment from many of the team members, founder Matt Williams saw the opportunity to impart the team’s first-hand experience through the provision of bespoke procurement solutions for these hostile environments. Following swift success and company growth, the Brigantes offering soon expanded to encompass a total of six core capabilities; Extreme Cold Weather, Technology - UAS, Vertical Movement, Protection, Signature Management and Adventure Training. Constantly evolving to deliver first-class solutions

Any good soldier knows that adaptability is key when it comes to a mission’s success. Evolution is a necessary progression in any sphere, but in the military world, it can be the difference between life and death. Since its inception ten years ago, the company has witnessed substantial growth, and this has brought a further expansion of product knowledge, technical expertise and first-hand military experience. Enhanced partnerships and collaborations with cutting-edge global leaders in military equipment design have seen an advancement of Brigantes’ expertise from ‘Cold Weather Specialists’ to becoming the go-to solution for on-the-soldier equipment and apparel for every conceivable military operational landscape.

Recognising this transition, Brigantes has been working to streamline its offering in a bid to continually improve the experience of end-users. The expertise is there - the Brigantes team have the experience and insight to make sound recommendations, procure the very best kit and develop bespoke solutions for wherever on the globe a soldier might be required to operate. What customers are missing is the roadmap with which to navigate this information. In an ever-expanding world of increasingly technical solutions for every obstacle, where do you begin? The answer lies with the destination.

Environment is everything – introducing new core capabilities

The Brigantes product range is extensive, covering every category of ‘on-the-soldier’ equipment in existence. From apparel and footwear solutions to cooking and sleep systems, ballistic protection and state-of-the-art unmanned systems. With requirements changing drastically depending on the unique terrain and climate conditions of each deployment, there is no ‘one size fits all’ for any of the above categories. The environment is the first consideration for decision-makers when it comes to equipping their units with the appropriate equipment. With this in mind, Brigantes is making the move to re-categorise its procurement offering based on six new core capability environments; Cold/Dry, Hot/Dry, Hot/Wet, Temperate, Urban and Maritime.

Matt Williams, Brigantes CEO, said “This transition to environmental core capabilities represents a new phase for Brigantes and our customers. We have a far greater offering than what is captured by our current core capabilities and we’re consistently selling products outside of these areas. The expertise and technical capability is already here, and the introduction of these new core capability environments will mean that users can more easily ascertain their unique requirements, enabling us, in turn, to swiftly provide custom solutions.”

Drawing together a wealth of military experience, advanced technical knowledge and extensive understanding of the defence and outdoor industry product market, Brigantes provide customers with an arena in which to explore and source bespoke solutions for their tactical needs with precision and ease. A mission’s success is dependent on teamwork, but they know first-hand that the right kit can also be make or break. The introduction of environmental core capabilities will mean that they can work with customers more holistically, starting from square one - location, to ensure that every possible base is covered.

Matt added, “Although not a pre-requisite, most of the senior and sales team at Brigantes have served and so we understand that it’s the operational environment which dictates the type of required equipment – it makes sense to take this approach when considering curating bespoke solutions for our customer.”

The impact that the right solutions have on end-user experience is at the core of everything that Brigantes does. Decades of on-the-ground experience, strategic alliances with leading defence manufacturers, and advanced technical capabilities in developing bespoke products and solutions have positioned the company as the thought leader in this space. The Brigantes team are currently working to develop technical product workbooks for each operational environment category, providing customers with a manual from which to identify and fulfil their individual needs. In the meantime, if you would like to tap into their expertise and discuss your requirements with one of the team, please get in touch.

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