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We talk to Kinected Solutions who are the exclusive partner of Kägwerks' products in the UK about DOCK-L, the centerpiece of the Nett Warrior 'System of Systems'

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Kägwerks fielded DOCK-Ls with 8 Combat Brigades in 2022, with 15K additional units to be fielded in 2023. SOCOM will begin its tech refresh by fielding 5.6K units in January 2023.

Kägwerks' founder is Garett Schwindel, a U.S. Army veteran, and the current CEO, Jim Scheren, is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. In addition, four of the five executives at Kägwerks are veterans with a combined 21 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, Kägwerks employs multiple veterans in leadership roles, including our CX lead, which comes out of the 10th S.F. Group, and our Electronics Engineering Manager, an Avionics Engineer for the Army. Kägwerks began as an EUD case manufacturer that expanded into cables, before developing the DOCK ecosystem.

Kägwerks is bringing a new level of interoperability to the market with its DOCK ecosystem. As an actual solutions provider, Kägwerks brings a new set of comms, situational awareness and power systems to life – all at a fraction of the current average cost of multiple disparate. Our DOCK ecosystem is a holistic solution, providing complete command and control from the command to the warfighter. These developed technologies increase interoperability and maneuverability and reduce SWAP; the result is increased survivability, lethality and situational awareness for the warfighter.

Kägwerks communications ecosystem began development in mid-2017 to allow a four-tiered solution that can be operated, accompanied and together in a high-performance communications system. It features the DOCK, DOCK-Lite, RAID Plate and Operators Cases. Our tiered solution provides communications, command, control and edge computing across the battlefield down to the individual warfighter. The Kägwerks ecosystem allows every layer of the chain of command to have real-time control and command.

Our Dismounted Operator’s Combat Kit (DOCK) solution is the first modular and scalable communications system built for the individual warfighter.

Interchangeable modules, focusing on the ability to leverage multiple communications layers listed as preforming edge computing.

A robust system that maintains communications and situational awareness in denied/decentralized environments.

In the peer to near-peer world, DOCK provides a distinct technological advantage to the individual warfighter while decreasing the overall Size, Weight and Power requirements (SWaP-C for Size, Weight, Price, and cost).

The DOCK-L was born from the previous success of Kägwerks EUD cases and cables. Combined with the Kägwerks leadership teams' experience on the battlefield, they began researching and developing a holistic, fully integrated comms technology solution. Why? The leadership team experienced first-hand the decrease in maneuverability due to: a) disparate systems requiring more gear and b) the added size, weight and power requirements. DOCK-L began in May 2021.

The DOCK-Lite platform brings multiple layers of value in one lightweight package, redefining the Personal Area Network for the warfighter. This innovative approach to networking leverages the most up to date DoD wireless technologies. As industry leaders, we are working hand-in-hand with the DoD to develop standardized communications protocols. The DOCK-Lite is the first platform that integrates equipment from disparate vendors in one compact location.

DOCK-Lite is the most compact platform designed for the individual infantryman. Reducing large deployment cost.

Designed to be user-friendly which requires less training recourse. Full deployment requires less than ten minutes.

The only hub USB PD capable of supporting USB Type-C screens. This interface supports future growth and pioneers a new era of Personal Area Networking.

The DOCK-Squad Network with Voice Comm (DOCK-SN) capabilities is the current evolution of the DOCK ecosystem. The DOCK-SN is currently in development, rapid integration, and prototyping with L3 Harris, Silvus, and Domo Tactical Communications; Kägwerks is impacting SWAP by supporting internal single and dual band radios to the DOCK unit. Additionally, the risk of mission failure due to electromagnetic interference (EMI) is decreased by integrating the communications equipment rather than linking multiple disparate systems. Power management of multiple systems managed in one location.

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