So as we move into 2023 the industry is looking to the future and to what is happening in modern warfare, a lot of programmes are now looking at 2030 such as TITAN in France and the US Marine Corp, for which information is available in our programmes section.

These programmes see the future of the battlefield being a symbiotic place with interacting troops: artillery, air support and robotics, if you like the arrival of “the digital battlefield.” So where are we now? If the war in Ukraine has taught us anything it is to pick your fights wisely and no matter the power, if you don’t have the technology or the correctly trained troops you are likely to get a bloody nose.

In the last issue we looked at loitering ammunitions which have proven very effective in Ukraine. This time we have looked at stopping these assassins in the sky, with an interesting article from IXI.

We have information from our scientific friends at DARPA and Dstl, training and new technology in place from the US Army and British Army, the European Defence Agency reports on how the EU is looking to put their troops into action and the finances behind them. The programmes list is updated with plenty of new programmes and updates to view.

We have informative interviews with ODU and Omnetics on the future of connectors for the modern warfighter. We look at the future of the battlefield on communications with Invisio and FalCom. We look at new innovative products with NAL Research and Brigantes Consulting. Power on the march with Bren-Tronics and Tony White from Ultra.

The next project will be launched in June, we are also organising the Dismounted Soldier Area at DSEI, please email me for details.

As always for any comments good or bad, let me know as it’s the way we improve our information.


Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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