All climates, all terrain, all units, over coming procurement problems for your defense units

Soldier Modernisation talks to Matt Williams, CEO of Brigantes Consulting, about their unique services

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Procurement for different missions and climates has always been very problematic for forces that have to travel the world, and for countries with different terrains. With different suppliers pushing goods in the market and prime contractors not able to view every new development in the market place, how can we be sure that we are utilising kit correctly and not buying fool’s gold.

Brigantes Consulting is a well-established company with years of experience in supplying to Forces and Elite Police units, providing knowledge and experience that is trusted for any terrain or climate.

Q: Your vision is based around 6 core capabilities to better enable the modern warfighter, could we talk about how these values were formed?

A: With our origin in the outdoor industry, adventure training, extreme cold weather and vertical movement were natural areas for us to focus on. Signature management leant on our expertise within technical textiles and understanding of the realities of the operational environment. PPE, in the form of helmets and ballistic protection, was a natural progression as we expanded further within the wearable space. Finally our tech area was one which we were asked by our Defence and Police clients to take on in order to help deliver the same translation service that we provide for the outdoor industry.

Q: As a company you advise on a wide range of tactical equipment designed for all environments and terrain, how have you developed a strategy for correct equipment lines and advice?

A: In simple terms this is all about listening and technical expertise. We coach the requirements managers to define the problem rather than the solution and then from there provide them with potential routes to get what they want. Having the correct product lines and with years of previous experience allows Brigantes to advise for all scenarios.

Q: How do you look at new products in a constantly evolving arena and are there any new products lines we should be looking at?

A: We are constantly engaging with new technology and increasingly find that those companies with interesting proposals are seeking us out. This then sits with the products director who is heavily involved in design and evolution of solutions. We are seeing really exciting advances in signature management and software in support of the autonomous systems. More importantly is the evolution and innovation in think, which is our biggest area of push. We spend most of our time educating the end users on what can be achieved and for us this is where the greatest rewards to the defence forces can be found. We have to be sure all new products are a benefit to all our clients, both existing and future.

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