New generation in battery charging:
Light Universal Charger LUC®

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Yesterday’s solutions are now too heavy and not sufficiently efficient, that is why at Bren-Tronics, we work hard to propose innovative light-weight solutions such as the combination of solar fast charging solutions and the newest generation of universal chargers.

Light Universal Charger LUC®

The Light Universal Charger LUC® is Bren-Tronics newest generation of universal chargers that can charge any portable military battery using any energy source available in the field (vehicle, solar and battery) as well as AC standard input.

LUC® charger is a level 3 Smart Charging device using smart data communication protocols like SMBus, DQBus, single wire, to maximize charging efficiency while guaranteeing safety.

Thanks to its very light weight (< 650 g), this charger can be carried in a soldier's backpack and can simultaneously charge 2 batteries. The charger uses NATO approved connectors for input and output, allowing full interoperability with existing cables and battery adapters. It also comes with 2 USB outputs of 5V, 3A each and mini-USB port for maintenance.

Thanks to its universal architecture to charge various battery types, LUC® provides ease of use and convenient logistic planning. The charger can be connected to PC/Tablet to monitor and store any battery health indicator (SOH), State of Charge (SOC) and information. Concurrently, LUC® charger offers OLED display with a friendly user interface to show all available information from the battery.

Like the majority of Bren-Tronics’ products, LUC® charger underwent a rigorous military qualification and is rated IP67. It is also compliant with military specifications MIL-STD-810H and MIL-STD-461G. It comes either in green or sand colour.

Light Universal Charger LUC®
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