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Off grid navigation, data and communication:
Lynq PRO™ the new product solution

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How far can a communication system go? That's a question being asked by most commands, how can I keep an eye on where my troops are both in troop headcount and from control standpoint? How can I map autonomous vehicles both active and inactive?

With the amount of data traffic needed on the modern battlefield to keep troops mobile, safe and effective what happens when we push the envelope to remote missions, when we want to go dark with no chatter but still be effective?

Lynq PRO™ provides a unique solution to these problems, manufactured by OTTO Engineering in the USA, the innovative Lynq PRO™ enables teams to share positional data and maximize situational awareness with covert on-demand, ad-hoc data networks, providing a safety net for operations.

Using Lynq PRO’s long-range, low power, RF quiet network improves survivability and connectivity, even when comms are denied, with rapidly deployable peer-to-peer location, data, and information sharing. Allowing the product to neatly sit as part of the warfighters effective communication system.

Capable of functioning standalone as a next gen battlefield tracking solution, Lynq PRO™ also augments ATAK EUDs with secure LPI/LPD transmissions and the ability to establish a common operating picture in multi-domain operations. Personnel and unmanned systems can infiltrate contested environments against near-peer adversaries without detection and locate active or incapacitated teammates.

More product information can be found here.

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