Welcome to the new issue of Soldier Modernisation, whether you are reading a hard copy at your desk, at an event somewhere in the world, or from our 24 hour webportal This issue is coming out at a strange time globally, the first war in Europe since the last century which we hope will find a conclusion quickly.

The war in Ukraine is posing some serious questions on how a modern battle takes place. With the success of anti–armour products and loitering ammunitions the effectiveness of armoured vehicles is being questioned. Given that most of the products in use are man portable, the effectiveness of loitering ammunitions to not give troops' positions away begs the question of what the future holds for armoured vehicles? We have a great article from Uvision Israel on the comparisons of man fired anti–tank munitions and loitering ammunitions.

Following the request from Finland and Sweden to join NATO, which will significantly extend the organisation's land border with Russia, we have an article from Finland looking at their development plans into the 2030s. With an article from DEVCOM looking at operational effectiveness with European troops, another highlighting USSOCOM's strategy for 2022 and also in the Programmes section, we are seeing a change in the military picture of Europe and a rise in spending by Eastern European countries.

From the British Army we have articles looking at the electrification of the battlefield and also the new CBRN equipment being deployed. Rheinmetall takes us through latest developments in the German system Gladius 2, Thales looks at the future of dismounted communications and there's a great piece from DTC about extending the range of data communications in the battlefield.

Dstl, the UK defence laboratory, looks at the new autonomous vehicles they have for use. DARPA are seeking to work with innovative companies and academics, details are in the article. This brings us neatly to Applied Research Associates (ARA), the company that used to be part of DARPA, showcasing their new military products, along with innovative soldier products from OTTO Engineering.

We look at connecting modern soldier products with articles from ODU and Omnetics and there's also a great article from Raytheon ELCAN on their latest machine gun sights.

Please enjoy this issue and any comments, good or bad, please write to me as this is the only way we improve our content.


Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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