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DARPA launches event series to connect with talented innovators across USA

DARPA Forward will bring DARPA’s mission to the USA at six regional events this Autumn

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DARPA Forward

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is partnering with six of USA's leading research and development universities to connect with new communities of talent. The DARPA Forward conference series, running August to December 2022, seeks to energize regional and national innovation ecosystems to develop new breakthrough technologies for national security.

Attendees will hear from world-renowned scientists, accomplished innovators, and senior defense leaders about new capabilities as well as the rapidly evolving challenges faced by warfighters. In addition, attendees will have an opportunity to dive into diverse topics within and across multiple domains and disciplines, including air/space, ground, virtual, social, bio/medical, electromagnetic, materials/manufacturing, maritime and computing/AI/cyber.

Throughout its more than 60-year history, DARPA has challenged researchers from across academia, industry and government to create transformative solutions to national security problems. Many of these solutions also have benefited daily civilian life.

“With DARPA Forward, we want to inspire new thinking across and at the intersection of disciplines to support our mission of creating technological surprise,” said Dr. Stefanie Tompkins, DARPA Director. “We want people to take from these events a desire to help change the world for the better and to know working with DARPA is a tangible way to do it.”

Registration opens June 1 for all six events with rolling registration deadlines for each location. As space is limited, attendees may join in person for one event and virtually for the rest. Dates and locations for events are:

  • Aug 30-31 2022: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Sept 13-14 2022: Washington State University, Pullman, Washington
  • Oct 4-5 2022: The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
  • Oct 25-26 2022: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
  • Nov 15-16 2022: Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
  • Dec 13-14 2022: University of California, San Diego

Details for each event, including detailed agendas and registration fees, are available on the conference website.

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