As we start 2022 we look at a changed landscape of our modern world not just in terms of Covid, the virus that keeps on giving, but militarization, the massing and troop exercises on the Ukraine border are not easing. How the West reacts to this over the upcoming months will be seen as either a red or green light to Russian plans to increase their borders. The US military's withdrawal from Afghanistan has left the country's new rulers with a lot of hardware; how this is seen by neighbouring countries and if they will have to raise their armed forces equipment is left to be seen.

One thing of note is countries modernizing in the Western world, DSEI was awash with companies selling different technology, “the Digital Battlefield” which we have been discussing for the past few years is slowly arriving and it will be slowly. The main problem is data to and from the battlefield, how we can connect securely and provide the bandwidth constantly to areas with destroyed infrastructure and to remote places on the planet . . . we look at this with Thales, DOMO Tactical and also Kinected Solutions. We have some innovative products from ARA, a company that was part of DARPA, and our friends at Ultra are also worth a read along with a NATO article on AI.

With the announcement of standardized connectors for NATO, we look at the technology that will be connecting the new data products with ODU, Omnetics, ITT Cannon and Fischer. This necessary tech is critical on interchanging product and power sources in all conditions.

We have inputs from our friends at DARPA, Dstl, The British Army's new modernization plans, as well as looking deeper at the open architecture program. We have input from both the US and Australian military, along with lots of outstanding innovative products from Invisio through to OPEC CBRNe.

As always, I hope you find the issue informative and comments, good or bad, please email me as it’s the way we improve our project.


Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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