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Codan launches next generation manpack

Codan's Sentry-H 6110-MP delivers a powerful 30W RF power output and up to 79 hours of battery life in less than 4 kg of weight

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Thanks to an upgraded waveform suite, the next generation Sentry-H 6110-Manpack can now support open-Standard Digital Voice (DV) and frequency hopping compatible data.

The 6110-MP forms an integral part of the Sentry-H product family that meets the demands of the modern battlefield whilst offering full backwards compatibility with legacy products. The 6110-MP is one of the smallest, lightest form factor manpack HF radios available, without compromise on capabilities. It delivers a rugged Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution for military organisations that demand uncompromised, secure voice and data communications, while on the move.

  • Software Defined IP Based Radio
  • Powerful, lightweight, extended battery life
  • Secure Digital Capability Set
  • Mission Customisable
  • Global Service and Support

SwaP Optimised

The 6110-MP can be configured with a standard size, high capacity BB-2590 style rechargeable battery, resulting in an overall unit weight of less than 4.7kg and providing an industry leading battery life of up to 79 hours.

The 6110-MP is now offered with a shorter battery compartment and compatible rechargeable battery that effectively makes it the smallest and lightest HF manpack radio available today with a weight of less than 4kg. Even with the lower capacity battery the radio will still provide an impressive battery life of up to 23 hours.

The radio is robust and compact, built and tested to MIL-STD 810G and its durability exceeds that of the typical MIL-STD manpack.

As a true SDR incorporating field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology all the functionality in the 6110-MP is field upgradeable. Future improvements can be easily incorporated with no requirement for the equipment to be returned for hardware alterations. In addition, dormant features are available in the software and can be activated if and when a customer desires to expand the equipment capability simply by issuing a software code. This enables future technology developments to be integrated at little cost and provides a strong protection against being overtaken by those developments so-called 'future- proofing'.

Because the 6110-MP is an IP-based radio it can be controlled remotely, offering a number of siting options to suit the tactical or physical situation. The radio can be linked either by Ethernet cable or by a point-to-point link to a remote antenna site to achieve better communications conditions or for tactical reasons. These could include siting the antenna outside or on the roof of a building while operating from inside, or displacing the antenna site from the headquarter's site by some distance to reduce the headquarter's electronic vulnerability and the exposure of its location to ECM detection of transmissions. The remote capability also enables the radio to be controlled via a LAN or WAN, which combined with Codan's Virtual Control Point (VCP) software offers flexibility of control and allows HF network communications to be managed from workstations within a headquarters via a Windows PC or a tablet.

The 6110-MP has a three-year extendable warranty, which has a significant impact in reducing sustainment budgets. It is also ITAR-free, which enables it to be repaired in-country, unlike some products which have to be shipped back to the United States or out of the host country for maintenance. This means that the radios, when necessary, can be repaired by Codan's global network of trained service centre engineers and quickly returned to the front line, or customers can be trained to sustain their radio fleets themselves. However, the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) record of Codan's products is so good that experience has shown that the need for service and support is minimal.

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