Welcome to this issue of Soldier Modernisation. So where are we in the recovering world after Covid? Well, we could start with the USA, a defense decision to spend money on modernization and new technology – a welcome view in our industry, on the other hand a reduction in numbers of US Marines, the end of their large artillery and tank units, very much a mixed bag.

The UK has announced a multi-million spend on modernization and a new Ranger unit, Voss Netherlands has its new system in operation and many more programmes are spending. Our programmes section can update you on all these in the middle of the journal and online.

The news that DSEI is going ahead as a live event is very much welcome, a chance to once again meet the industry and see what's new in London is eagerly anticipated, as is having a bit of normality back.

ELCAN have a great article, 'Optical revolution in the connected battlespace' on their new, state-of-the-art system, Invisio reveal their new in-house AI audio products in 'New technologies to shape the future of mission critical comms' and ODU share their new wipe clean connectors in 'Effective, easy clean connectors for soldier systems'. We review the new Gladius II German system with Rheinmetall in 'GLADIUS 2.0: networked solution for the digitized battlefield', Thales 'talk all things communications' and Crossfire Australia share the latest Arctic warfare equipment with 'Protect, observe, stay effective – sub zero and arctic warfare'.

On the contributors side we have information from DARPA, Dstl, NATICK, GSOF, USSOCOM and the British Army.

We also talk to Help for Heroes, about their role in helping service men and women injured in the line of duty.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year online at, with up to date news, video presentations of new systems and technology, e –reader versions and also a help service for your questions.

We rely on industry support in order to help us with information, so any findings or criticism, good or bad, is always welcome as it's how we improve and continue to lead in our area of the defence industry.

Kind regards,

Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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