Platform Sensors, Communication Systems,
Command and Control, UAS

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Precision Technic Defence’s defined mission is to provide market leading capabilities and interoperable systems to both military and national security agencies. High-quality products, deep knowledge and experience of the operational scenario, bounded with a high degree of technical proficiency are capabilities highly valued by customers and partners around the world.

With all the technology incorporated into today’s products and solutions comes a high requirement for training. In addition to program specific training Precision Technic Defence and its partners provide a vast range of training courses with its main focus on the full spectrum of special operator skills.

Warrior systems

Individual products or interoperable systems and solutions all from distinct and marked leading manufactures. Division consists of multiple sub-divisions for the individual operator being air, sea or land centric. This includes weapons, ammunition, suppressors, sniper solutions, EO/IR sights, day optics, ballistics, fabrics and uniforms, footwear, dry suits and special purpose equipment.

Dismounted C4ISTAR

Whether the mission and operator profile dictates precision strike, command and control, UAS operation or communication, Precision Technic Defence provide complete systems and capabilities. Market leading partners enable relentless support and service. Field tested and battle proven technologies for the next generation warrior.

Platform and sensor systems

Observe, detect, identify and act. Division provides unique capabilities in support of the joint combined operation. air, sea and land platform sensors and communication systems as well as weapons and ammunition for the full spectrum of missions and operations.

About Precision Technic Defence

With over 35 years of business, Precision Technic Defence has a vast of experience within the global world of business. The company strives to build strong and professional relations with our customers and partners through guidance, support and training throughout the phases of the procurement, implementation and support of any product or system our scope is purchase and sales of military tactical solutions.

Emerging from a solid foundation of providing EO/IR and sensor centric turnkey solutions, Precision Technic Defence has created a wide range of systems and individual products, each being unique and with the sole purpose to ensure efficiency, safety and interoperability.

Precision Technic Defence personnel hold decades of military experience and international deployments. This, as well as the strong network within global military and law enforcement agencies, ensures that the company can advise industry partners as well as being a strong partner for any research and development division. With companies situated in Denmark, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Australia, Precision Technic Defence supports partners and programs with a global reach.

Precision Technic Defence does not only supply products and solutions, but also service, support and training.

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