Welcome to the new issue of Soldier Modernisation, so the strange world is continuing and hopefully the start of 2021 will see a new vaccine start the world’s industry off again, allowing us to travel and conferences to open and meet in person which has always been key to our business.

Within the industry progress has not seemed to slow in terms of orders and new technology arriving in the market place. One such example would be the Russian Ratnik programme with 180,000 kits of Ratnik-2 being delivered a month ahead of schedule, also in the American area the Future Weapons programme is down to final selection. We take a look at True Velocity’s new composite-cased ammunition, as well as varied innovative technology: new submersible headsets from Invisio, varied new data comms from Rajant, Bittium, tpgroup and goTenna.

We also focus on correct carriage systems and how they alleviate injury, with Crossfire Australia, I found this particularly interesting as we are always talking about lightening the load.

We have articles and interviews from around the world, the new Open Architecture programme from the British Army as well as Futures of both the French and GOSSRA programmes. From the US Army we look at software readiness allowing more effective command and smart machining to drive down cost and deliver better weapons and as always a new technology piece from our friends at DARPA.

The programmes list has been updated with a lot of changes and a new programme allowing you to see the overview of the industry.

We would like to welcome our new sponsors Thales and thank BAE Systems for their years of support.

As always any comments, good or bad, are gratefully received, as this allows us to make sure we are up to date and correct.

Kind regards,

Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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