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TP Group designs, develops and delivers advanced technologies, providing world-class services and support to mission-critical programmes across the Defence, Energy and Space market sectors. Our critical equipment, technology and services support our customer’s sustainability goals, keeping people safe, secure and focussed on their mission - making the world a safer place.

We advise and consult on secure information systems, high-tech projects and through-life equipment support. Working with system integrators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) and end-users, we bring brilliant ideas to life. We are involved in everything from secure communications systems, and mission systems software to aircraft cockpit integration.

You will also find us working on Autonomous vessels, high-integrity equipment of refineries and power stations, and even atmosphere management systems to protect submariners. Whatever the project, one thing remains constant Absolute trust.

We employ approximately 500 people across the UK, Europe and North America, having recently acquired Sapienza Consulting B.V., which enhances our unique business by further augmenting our ability to deliver services and skills into highly complex and critical environments for both the Defence and Space markets.

In November 2018 TP Group welcomed Westek Technology Ltd into our family, complementing our existing design and manufacture expertise in complex, rugged equipment and high technology solutions. Our market leading rugged IT solutions support deployment in extreme environments, such as temperature, climate, shock and vibration, allowing personnel to be more self-sufficient, when deployed in mobile or static command and control centres, enabling assured mission success. Our advanced rugged technologies deliver ultra-high reliability and operational performance in the most challenging environments. Designed and manufactured in the UK, we are the partner of choice for organisations who require operational critical IT when working across a number of sectors.

Our products and solutions:

Rugged Computers & Servers

Our custom designed range of rugged computers and rugged servers are built to your specification and designed to meet the operating temperatures, environmental conditions, and shock and vibration requirements of the most demanding environments. All products can be bespoke and designed to meet industrial and military specifications. Servers can be built to meet customers defined specifications, and are suitable for use in aircraft, mobile and fixed land based systems, transportation, and naval environments where reliability is required.

Rugged computers and servers

Rugged computers and servers

Rugged Portable Rack Cases

Our experienced engineering team build and integrate military, industrial, or commercial systems into portable rack cases to enable high-protected and high-performance computing wherever your people are deployed.

Rugged computers and servers

Rugged portable rack cases

Rugged Data Storage Systems

Our RAID data storage systems are designed for mission-critical IT data storage applications including virtualised environments, databases, email data and general file storage iSCSI, which uses block level storage technology. They support both a shared file server based storage system (NAS) and iSCSI with optional Fibre Channel support.

The systems, combined with snapshot and real time data replication option, ensure that your data is protected and provides easy recovery from accidental file deletion, virus attacks or even a complete DR situation. Our active-active replication option doubles performance and provides true no single point of failure for ultimate data protection.

You can have simple low cost connection to your servers via multiple Gbit Ethernets, or for very high performance, with 10Gbit Ethernet - with options for copper or optical interfaces. Dual Fibre Channel is also supported as an option.

These systems support SAS, SATA and SSD disks and they may be mixed in the same system to optimise performance and storage capacity where it is most needed to provide the best cost effective solution.

Our Power iSCSI systems are scalable, via the SAS expansion port, to provide up to 128 disks using low cost expansion shelves. Our latest flash / SSD storage based systems provide ultimate real world performance for the most demanding applications

Rugged data storage systems

Rugged data storage systems

Rugged UPS products

Our rugged UPS products are designed where a reliable, cost-effective solution is required. The M2000 series is part of our well-established and field proven rugged UPS family, and can be built to meet customer environmental requirements.

UPS products can be bought as individual units, or as part of a fully integrated system installed into a rugged transport case. Cases are IP65 when sealed, and benefit from a pressure equalisation valve, tough stainless steel or aluminium racking with sway-space to prevent contact with the outer container under severe impact, carrying handles and wheels, and anti-vibration shock mounts to provide shock protection in all orientations.

The M2000 Series are suitable for use in aircraft, mobile and fixed land based systems, transportation, and naval environments where a reliable, rugged DC output is required. Temperature controlled cooling fans keep the unit running reliably in high temperature environments, and the rugged chassis protects batteries and vital electronics from excessive shock and vibration.

Rugged UPS products

Rugged UPS products

Rugged LCD Displays

Our LCD displays are engineered and designed to meet military, industrial and commercial requirements for high brightness and contrast, sunlight readability, and resistance to impact, scratches, condensation and dust penetration.

Rugged LCD displays

Rugged LCD displays

Rugged KVM Display Drawers

The display drawer is designed to operate over a wide temperature range. The keyboard can be exposed to small amounts of dripping water without damage, and the unit is tolerant to dust. Display drawers can be bought as individual units, or as part of a fully integrated system installed into a rugged transport case.

Networking products

We design our switches to enable mobile networks on-board vehicles and other platforms, such as aircraft, to securely deployed digital networks for situational awareness and mission-critical operations. They are suitable for use in aircraft, mobile and fixed land based systems, transportation, and naval environments where a reliable, rugged solution is required.

We offer a wide range of industrial rack mount servers which are designed to meet the demanding requirements of telecoms, datacoms, industrial and mission critical IT applications.

All systems are built to your specifications and custom design options are available for OEMs.

Customer support services

We have many years’ experience in supporting customer systems of all sizes – and across a wide variety of operating systems. This experience means that we are able to support a wide range of computing problems within our specialist support team.

We offer the full spectrum of support services including:

  • Customised chassis design and manufacture
  • Software support
  • Hardware support and system monitoring
  • Industry leading Warranties
  • Helpdesk


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