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Soldier Mod talk with Mr Jeppe Muller, CEO on how Precision Technic Defence are addressing the global requirements for an integrated solution for the dismounted soldier

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Q: Who are Precision Technic Defence?

A: Precision Technic Defence act as a “house of agencies” and have over 30 years of global business experience. We strive to build strong and professional relationships with our customers and partners through guidance, support and training during the various phases of procurement and implementation of any of our wide-ranging product or system offerings.

Our personnel hold decades of military experience and international deployments. With companies situated in Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia, Precision Technic Defence are able to support partners and programs with a global reach.

Our defined mission is to provide market leading capabilities and interoperable solutions and systems to both military and national security agencies. High quality products, deep knowledge and experience of the operational scenario bound with a high degree of technical proficiency are capabilities which are highly valued by our customers and partners.

Q: We are looking at new and high tech solutions coming on to the battlefield, this creates several problems: the need to integrate various suppliers equipment, varying between simple radio comms to data, video and more recently robotic equipment. How to link the dismounted soldier to not just the communications hub, but also to artillery and air support effectively is now critical; could you talk us through the main problems in effectively deploying these solutions?

A: Modern solutions require seamless yet scalable connectivity together with open design architecture. The latest in Display, Augmented Reality, Software and Radio/Data Bearer technology require the ability to reliably through-put larger amounts of data, faster, and together with uninterrupted power. The system also needs to be low in SWaP. Where good cable management is also key to ensure that the operator does not “fail the system”.

At the end of the day, the operator should experience an enhanced capability by ease of use and being faster and more efficient without sacrificing mobility and protection.

Q: As an integrated solutions provider how has Precision Technic Defence overcome these problems and could you give us a working example?

A: Precision Technic Defence work with innovative, cutting edge, and battle proven technologies from select and distinct manufacturers to provide the most up-to-date technology available for the overall desired mission effect. For example the USB standard is becoming critical when the system is so reliant on processing increasing amounts of data and at faster speeds – our partner Black Diamond Advanced Technology are the only supplier of USB-3 capable data and power hub and cable solutions for the dismounted operator that are fully deployed and battle proven. We work to ensure that connectivity to other peripheral devices are de-risked up front prior to providing a solution and capability to any integrator or end user, and this includes End User Devices, Power and Power Harvesting solutions, and other peripheral devices that the end user would like to integrate with.

Of course, training and support are also paramount in ensuring that a solution is deployed effectively and coherently – capabilities which Precision Technic Defence also provide.

Q: Some of our readers may not realize that outside of this area Precision Technic Defence can provide solutions in other areas, such as sights and ballistic protection, could you expand on this?

A: Our company work with the full range of products for the Dismounted Soldier. Our Dismounted C4ISR division provide capabilities for command and control, precision strike, and UAS operations, while our Warrior Systems division include weapons, ammunition, suppressors, sniper solutions, EO/IR sights, day optics, ballistics, fabrics and uniforms, footwear, dry suits and special purpose equipment.

Previously, these could have been viewed as individual products, but at the end of the day, they are sub-systems to the overall soldier system architecture. Today, we strive to ensure integration and interoperability of these sub-systems to ensure we provide optimal overall capability and combat effectiveness.

Precision Technic Defence does not manufacture any of these systems ourselves, but have carefully identified innovative and industry leading Partners to work with. Utilizing our experience and knowledge of the individual sub-systems and overall requirements we assist in design, integration, and innovation. Industry is desperately trying to break the “zero-sum game” for the combat order load of the soldier, but this takes a lot of effort.

Q: Would it be possible to look at and review any other areas that you may feel would be of interest?

A: Over the last five years, Precision Technic Defence have worked with our Industry Partners to develop and deliver a fully transferrable and configurable Light Weight Situational Awareness System for various sized vehicles which can be run autonomously without the need for deep integration on the vehicle.

Our goal was to enable the End User to easily add a long-range Gyro-Stabilized Multi Sensor System to a vast number of small or large vehicles with high mobility and without disturbing the overall capabilities of the vehicle, or the need for special tooling and integration.

This has been a huge effort, but our LWVPS system was featured at this year’s DSEi event mounted on the Polaris DAGOR vehicle.

This was another good example of what can be achieved when merging great innovative Partners and a small company with the right values as well as experience and understanding of the operational environment.

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