Welcome to the new issue of Soldier Modernisation and the new decade ahead. The technological advances in the industry are running a pace and if we were to look back to the start of the last decade we would be looking at a different market, and also what we have now would be considered a futuristic dream.

So where do we go from here? Well we have 3 interesting articles from 3 different countries: RATNIK’S new exo-skeleton armour, that was displayed for other countries to see, brings us to the age of Iron Man, this also goes back to an article written by Steve Goodman over 5 years ago for Soldier Modernisation highlighting this Future technology.

From Finland we have their overview on technology for the battlefield in 2030, so looking at where we will be in 10 years, hopefully we can look back at this in 10 years and review it.

We have a piece from Darpa about the Atmospheric Water Extraction (AWE) programme: technology that aims to capture potable water from the air.

We have updated the programmes section: removed the completed programmes and added more information where possible, the list will be now split between the journal and the full list online at (this is due to the amount of information we have).

We have new technology abounding from the companies who work with us from hearing, intercom, sight improvements, connecting the soldier, power management etc.

I hope you enjoy the new issue, if you have any comments - good or bad - please let me know at the email below.

Thank you for your support.
Kind regards,

Robert Alcock
Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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