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Dual Role Sight for Machine Guns

Scan with both eyes open then engage effectively at maximum range

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SoldierMod talks to Dan Pettry, Product Manager for Rifle Sights at Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies.

Q: Could you tell me about the MMO (Mounted Machine Gun Optic) award for the US Army?

A: There are 3 areas that our sights are aiding in this area: situational awareness, close-quarter aiming and having the right solution for varied and changing environments.

If we take situational awareness, let’s compare iron sights to a magnified optic. To target with iron sights, you line up the front and back post. You focus on the front sight over the target. This decreases your awareness of the area around you.

Good ways to think of this – hold your finger out at arm’s length and focus on it. The area around you, in front and to the side isn’t in focus. This is essentially what you’re doing with iron sights. By focusing on the front sight, close up, your surroundings aren’t in focus. This is effective but not an advantage.

With a magnified optic, you focus on the target which keeps your surroundings in focus while still allowing you to aim effectively.

Close quarters aiming: having a reflex, or non-magnified sight, with a red dot helps draw the shooter’s eye to the point of aim. This allows quicker response in an unpredictable environment.

The right solution for an unpredictable environment: often soldiers have to make a choice between a reflex sight or a magnified sight which isn’t ideal. Alternatively, the soldier will opt to carry both and try to swap out in the middle of battle when the situation changes.

The ELCAN Specter DR dual role weapon sight gives troops the ability to see close in and far out in a single package. This provides the right tool for the situation, gives them less to carry and no need to have to make changes in the middle of battle.

Q: Could we look at the award from The US Army for your optical solutions for machine gun platforms?

A: The award was initially a full and open competition to provide optics for three machine gun platforms (M2 and M2A1, M240 and Mk19 grenade launchers). According to a pre-solicitation for the MMO, the U.S. Army was looking for a solution that will enable warfighters to scan with both eyes open, then rapidly slew the weapon on target, and engage with a higher confidence of getting the first burst on target.

Raytheon’s ELCAN Optical Technologies was down-selected for all three platforms.

The ELCAN Specter® dual field-of-view (1x and 4x) sight is a battle-proven solution that has an easy-to-use throw lever to switch instantly from 1x to 4x allowing for long-range target acquisition and both eyes open rapid aiming in the blink of an eye.

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