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Bren-Tronics launches the newest generation of universal chargers

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When it comes to transport of Li-Ion batteries, one must refer to the Lithium-Ion Batteries Shipping Guidelines (IATA). Bren-Tronics reminds us of the basic regulations in terms of shipments by air for rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.

All rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are categorized class 9 (Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods) of IATA-Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR).

Before being authorized to be shipped, Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, that fall within UN3480 category, must be UN certified and must have undergone and passed various tests such as: pressure resistance, temperature, shocks, short-circuit, discharge, ... all written in the UN Manual of tests and Criteria Part III Subsection 38.3 (DGR
All rechargeable Li-Ion batteries manufactured by Bren-Tronics are UN transport certified.

Since 2016, IATA regulations have dictated that all Li-Ion batteries can only be shipped with a state of charge (SOC).

Batteries with a capacity > 100 Wh are not authorized for shipping on commercial airlines, therefore they can only be shipped by cargo airplanes. There are also restrictions in terms of weight for each package, that depending on the aircraft can not weigh over 5 kg, 10 kg or 35 kg (maximum).

Note: There is no limit on the number of packages on a cargo aircraft.

Batteries alone (UN3480) with a capacity < 100 Wh may be authorized for handling on commercial airlines depending on each airline regulations in the cabin if they are installed in the IATA regulated box and with the plastic lid on the contacts.

So, in order to help our customers to respect the new IATA guidelines, especially regarding the maximum State of Charge of 30% before shipment, Bren-Tronics has developed a new discharger, for BB-2590/U and BB-2557/U rechargeable batteries.

This newest generation of discharger offers great features to the user allowing to choose the level of discharge needed and thus be ready if there are new IATA regulation as for the level of SOC.

It is an easy to use tool for maintenance users: programme beforehand with the level of discharge and then leave the system to discharge on its own without having to follow the discharge closely since it turns off automatically when the desired discharge level has been reached.

The new discharger communicates with the battery through the SMBus V.1.1 Interface.

An indicator shows the discharge status and a fully charged BB-2590/U can be discharged to 30% SOC rapidly.

This intelligent discharger can be used to replace large desktop dischargers and can be ordered right now with part number BRF-70791

Bren-Tronics expertise remains focused where no one can compromise safety, reliability and performance.

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