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Today’s modern operational landscape is constantly evolving, placing an even greater burden on the user. UltraLYNX is a key component in the realisation of future dismounted situational awareness systems; increased operational tempo, improved operational agility and effectiveness and more efficient force application in a Combined, Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental and Multinational command (CJIIM).

The benefits delivered by better situational awareness and more efficient power and data management contribute to reducing the cognitive and physical burden on the soldier.

Finding a way to reduce these burdens while increasing operational effectiveness has been the driving force behind UltraLYNX.

By empowering the user to employ UltraLYNX as their role or mission demands, for the first time soldier technology can truly adapt to the users.

Designed from the ground up to deliver smart, open architecture, capable of providing users with a simple plug and play function of a range of common bearer and end user devices, while also providing the necessary technological infrastructure to support future systems growth and development.

UltraLYNX provides the definitive standard for future soldier systems and delivers a truly integrated, scalable and open solution to meet current and future close combat challenges head on.

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