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Introducing Pola Power™ – Soldier Modernisation talks to Leigh Chapman, product manager with TT Electronics

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Leigh Chapman, Product Manager, TT Electronics

Leigh Chapman, Product Manager, TT Electronics

Q: In the last issue of Soldier Modernisation we had an overview of the TT Electronics connector range which is fairly complete, why did the company feel the new Pola Power range was needed?
A: All our new products within TT are driven by both market trends and customer specific requirements. The Pola Power™ concept was formed through a combination of both. We carried out a voice of the customer exercise to help us understand what the gaps in both our product lines and our competitors product offerings were and also through extensive market analysis of where the requirements of the high power solutions in both the defence and rail market have become more apparent.

Q: Pola Power™ as a connector is designed as you say to handle the developing power needs that the industry is facing, why is Pola Power™ so unique over existing products, and for a purchasing manager which applications can it be used on?
A: Whilst carrying out the voice of customer exercises, there were three points which kept recurring as we were discussing the connector concept with the customer base, those were the availability, cost and reliability of competitor products. Pola Power™ has been designed with all these three points in mind. Stock packages have been kicked off with our distribution partners to support immediate requirements and the connector will be available within our standard lead-time. With almost all components manufactured onsite, this helps us keep cost to the minimum and the extensive test programmes we’ve invested in for both the defence and rail market, ensures that Pola Power™ will perform within the harshest of environments.

Q: Could we look at the specific features of Pola Power™ and also its ease of inter-connectivity?
A: We initially set-off to replicate the same bayonet coupling system of our core products the MIL-STD-5015 although after brainstorming the concept and taking on board our design engineering team comments as well as those from our customer base, we’ve ensured that the initial coupling is made as easy as possible even with large and rigid cable attached, this is achieved through our hyperbolic curved bayonet coupling system. This really assists the user and speeds up the installation and removal of the connectors.

Q: Where can our readers see the product or get a hands on view of the product as used in Defence, but also in Power Distribution and Green Energy which also relate to the industry in terms of larger industrial applications and the worldwide eco drive?
A: All those customers who are interested in the product are welcome to discuss with our connectors group based in Abercynon, South Wales where the connectors are manufactured. The connectors have been exhibited at Railtex and will again be on show at DSEi in London later on in the year.

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