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Soldier Modernisation talks to Itay Weiss of Secubit about their innovational Weaponlogic product

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Q: Could we look at Secubit and what you mean by bringing global armies and law enforcement agencies to the next level of operational performance?
A: Secubit integrates barreled weapons into modern Battle Management and Intelligent Maintenance systems (i.e. BMS & IMS). Our weapon-attached systems provide real-time diagnostics, analytics, and intelligence for weapons usage and condition.

Our mission is to modernize the management of barreled weapons on missions and in maintenance for military, law enforcement, and private sector organizations. Ultimately, Secubit aims to become the go-to company for any organization that requires Mission Readiness, Situational Awareness and Enforceable Accountability for its barreled weapons.

Q: Could we analyze one-by-one your profit offerings and how they can be utilized by defense forces, could we look at WeaponLogic Ecosystem?
A: WeaponLogic’s Smart Agent is an Artificial Intelligence based small form-factor sensor, that can be fitted into ANY weapon, from handguns to 155mm mortars and even tanks, in a seamless manner with little-to-none installation effort.

Military/Law enforcement agencies can:

Reduce maintenance costs dramatically by shifting from a Fail-&-Fix to Predict-&-Prevent per-component practices (IMS),
Achieve All-Time Readiness for their arsenal,
Integrate, for the first time, ALL their barreled weapon into (Battlefield-) Management systems (e.g. BMS/C4I), and by doing so enable critical mission information to flow from the field to the command center(s) in real-time, resulting and superior Situational Awareness.
Enforce Accountability over weapons usage and maintenance between them and weapon suppliers.

Q: How are you getting on delivering the project into use around the world?
A: Secubit has distributors in key countries in the world that push our product locally.

Fortunately, since we have won quite a few tenders in Europe and the US, we are working with most of the major gun manufacturers in the world and our technology becomes essential and a De-Facto standard for some organizations World Wide.

Q: Could we expect any new offerings from the company shortly?
A: We’re in the midst of several interesting partnerships with some of the top companies around the world, pioneering new products with even more mission-critical features, very exciting, expecting to launch in SHOT Show 2020.

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