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Welcome to the new issue of Soldier Modernisation, there seems to be a bit of a buzz around modernisation at the moment, new technology, lighter systems, new connectors, better power management and the delivery of new systems into operation. So is all well in our corner of the industry? Well it’s better than it was, but who is spending the money? Your usual suspects, but also Western and Eastern European countries. It seems that due to pressure in the US the NATO allies are starting to spend and develop systems from 190 Million euros in the Benelux countries through new expansion in Germany, Poland etc

But this is also spreading worldwide: Malaysia’s new programme, the reinstatement of the Indian programme, through to spending in Brazil, as well as New Zealand, so things are looking up and should increase throughout 2019 and 2020

We have some great updates throughout the journal, with articles from Rheinmetall and Thales on their new up-to-date systems, Darpa on the new technology coming in for dismounted soldier. Also from Natick and PEO on new solutions coming into those programmes and also our friends in the UK Paras

So on to technology, after the shut down of Gatwick and now Heathrow it beggars belief that with drone killers regulary available on the market in the military that no one in airport security is up to date with this technology. We have featured the IXI Technology solution for the past few years, which can be viewed on our website at:

We have new products in the connector area, new sight technology, power mangement solutions etc. One of the new companies that we are working with is iTrinegy, who have a great solution to test communication systems for battle arenas before deploying, a really smart product. New and innovative armour products from our friends at Diamond Age which are really clever and also worth a read

Soldier Modernisation will be at over 60 military events this year as media partner through our special agreements with our conference partners, we are currently discussing with Clarion about the dismounted soldier area at DSEI, which will be next to the British Army area this year.

If you have any comments – good, bad or indifferent, please email me, we only get better through constructive criticism and good comments are always welcome.

Kind regards,

Robert Alcock
Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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