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As we move into the second half of 2018, we are seeing an increase in spending from most programmes: we have updated 18 programmes within our Programmes at a Glance section. Some of the most notable are the increase in troop modernisation from countries like Brazil, Benelux and Russia. Nett Warrior’s use of modern off-the-shelf technology, to see if the cost reduction will allow simpler troop effectiveness, is one that also should be read. Please come back to me with your thoughts.

Within the journal we have notable new products, with two innovative approaches from goTenna and Diamond Age, one in effective use of combat communications and the other in tactical body worn amour. The spread of the digital battle field has led to the need for up-to-date communications between ground based troops, artillery and air support; we have great articles from Viasat and DTC. The use of drone technology to provide support to ground troops is growing, with both the US and Denmark looking at handheld devices, we have an up-to-date article on SWARM 2 from DARPA and counter drone technology from IXI Technology.

Vest technology is also still a key area of development with many countries selecting manufacturers and in the final selection process. This brings us on to exactly what technology will be deployed on these vests, how to power them and keep them powered, we have articles from Ultra Electronics to Getac, Bren-Tronics and Source. The main problem is to keep the technology but, as always, to lighten weight.

We also have an interesting update from the US Marine corps on the technology they will be deploying and why. Interconnection still remains an issue on the vest systems themselves: we have this covered by Fischer, ODU and Omnetics providing well covered options all round.

We have an interesting article on the medical side from the US Military on field problems and solutions and innovative products from Molecular Products and Zoll, this is an area that we will be looking at as it relates heavily now on a unit’s effectiveness to carry out objectives and to care for unit members.

Sight technology is moving on at pace and we have the new offerings from UK Military supplier Qioptiq and the US Military supplier Raytheon ELCAN, these are both worth a read on how they over come some battle situations in a unique and innovative way.

As always, please send comments to my email below, good, bad or otherwise, as we read and evolve the project from this.

Kind regards,

Robert Alcock
Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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