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Welcome to the new issue of Soldier Modernisation, things are starting to build again with in the development programmes, as can be seen within our programmes section in the middle part of the journal. This is in part due to what we are calling the ‘Digital Battlefield‘, what is the purpose of this, it is in Telecoms terms M2M (machine to machine) connectivity, the ability of front line troops sighting equipment to automatically send GPS co-ordinates to artillery and aircraft, which in turn take the strike themselves automatically.

So what are the benefits, for spotters, scouts and special forces, no muzzle flash, no giving away of position and no radio chatter. The downside if any is going to be the legitimacy of automatic targeting once in the system and the ability to counter act the signal, also this brings in the area of network security and protection against cyber attack. We have some great articles on this side, from broadband battlefield to grid in a backpack.

We have input again from our friends in DARPA and various Defence Forces from Australia to USA, we are also looking at the downside of drone technology and counter measures that can be carried by front line troops to take down drones, with the ‘Digital Battlefield ‘ giving advantages to these squads, drone technology can take these away and the ability to deactivate drones from 2kms away brings these advantages back.

We will be at more events this year thanks to our partners at the conference companies, who take these directly to their events: a list of where we will be is in the back of the journal.

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Robert Alcock
Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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