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Invisio - No Noise. Only Your Voice."For us confidence and capability is key"

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INVISIO is helping the British Armed Forces to modernize its communications and hearing protection equipment. Previously, it was normal for soldiers not to use hearing protection when out on operations as it restricted their capacity to read their surroundings, thus exposing them to risks. With the new equipment, the conditions have changed.

The soldiers at the Infantry Battle School in Brecon, Wales are trained for high intensity operations in various defense situations. Each year young men and women come here for military training. Their Officers have many years’ experience behind them, including service in war-torn areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

During the training day, Major Neil Strachan (to the right in the picture) describes the importance of being able to wear hearing protection for many hours, whilst retaining your situational awareness and subsequently control of the situation you operate in.

“It’s important that we give the soldiers the right mindset and make them understand how important hearing protection is and how this equipment can aid success on the battlefield because it is integrated with the soldier radio. What matters is, it improves communications on the battlefield whilst protecting the soldier’s hearing and allowing them to retain situational awareness. It enables the soldiers to stay aware of what is going on around them and to stay focused.”

To maintain focus in critical situations, communication with the rest of the Platoon must also function. A solider need to be able to communicate easily even when surrounded by noise.

Paul Longwel, Integrated Logistics Support Manager at DE&S (Defence Equipment and Support), confirms that INVISIO’s system gives soldiers new possibilities in their communication with each other.

“It’s all about confidence and safety. Knowing that you’re Platoon and your Commanding Officers will hear you creates confidence. We have not had that before. We used to ask, ‘Did they hear that?’ Now we have a confidence we did not have before. For us confidence and capability is key.”

INVISIO delivers to the entire British armed forces

In 2015 INVISIO and its partner Marlborough Communications were awarded the procurement contract for hearing protection and communication systems for the THPS program. In 2016 deliveries were equivalent to SEK 130 million. Already during the spring the first units were supplied with the equipment after fast implementation of the project together with the British Ministry of Defence.

In summer 2016 INVISIO received the first follow-up order for delivery, not only to the Army but also the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and Army Reserve. During the contract period, which is four years with an option to renew for another three years, the aim is to supply substantial parts of the British armed forces with the system.

The equipment chosen, INVISIO S10, gives the British forces key capability by preventing hearing loss, ensuring the wearer’s situational awareness and at the same time offering increased comfort and communication.

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