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Volume 19 Articles


Welcome to our new issue of Soldier Modernisation which we hope you will find informative and relevant whether you are picking this up at an event or it’s been delivered to your desk.

Within this issue we are looking at different areas of safety for the modern war fighter, which vary from marine situations, CBRN through to personal protection with the leading companies in these sectors. Most of this equipment is taken for granted but different variants give different results and using and having the correct equipment for different scenarios is critical and not all can be covered by one set piece.

We have articles by the US Army on new technology which is being trialled and will give major advantages, in lethality and protection. From UK we have articles on field trials and joint training and from our friends in DARPA we have the new swarm use of drones for front line troops.

We have different areas of new innovative products from target acquisition, front line communications, new uses of protective lights, connectors, power management systems through to vest systems.

Our Programmes section has been fully updated and is in the middle of the journal, please feel free to send us any comments and notes on any other programmes you think we should add, or countries you would like included and we will contact those countries directly.

We are also running with Clarion, the Dismounted Soldier Showcase at DSEI, we look forward to welcoming you there with any questions or for a chat – we value all comments good or otherwise as it helps us improve content.


Robert Alcock
Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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