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Bren-Tronics logo Bren-Tronics Introduces Innovative Light-weight Energy & Charging Solutions

Yesterday’s solutions are now too heavy and not sufficiently efficient, that is why at Bren-Tronics, we work hard to propose innovative light-weight solutions such as 6T format Lithium batteries, solar fast charging solutions and soldier wearable rechargeable batteries

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Military vehicles and equipment such as telecommunications or optronics are increasingly energy intensive. Previous solutions are now too heavy and inefficient, prompting Bren-Tronics to introduce the innovative light-weight Lithium-Ion battery, the 6T 24 V.

Bren-Tronics has developed the most capacitive 6T Lithium-ion batteries on the market, addressing the three basic requirements of military vehicle manufacturers and customers: energy, weight and space. This 24 V battery replaces two current batteries for one quarter of the weight and half the space and provides all the power needed for starting the vehicle and for silent watch missions. Bren-Tronics has developed two different kind of Lithium 6T batteries, the first kind has been designed to meet cranking requirements especially at low temperatures, and the second kind is best dedicated to power on-board systems during silent watch missions.

Building a safe and capacitive battery needs real expertise and Bren-Tronics has been designing and manufacturing Lithium-ion revchargeable batteries for military applications since 1973. The Bren-Tronics 6T Lithium-ion battery are designed with internal protection and CANBus communication protocol access. The charging and discharging process and status are monitored at all times and can be conveyed in real time to the user.

The need for alternative energies in operations

Bren-Tronics is a specialist in designing and manufacturing scalable autonomous energy solutions. It’s all a question of adaptability on the field. Bren-Tronics engineering efforts provide innovative ways to manage operational military charging requirements. One recent charging achievement is the FLEX Charger®. It is a powerful foldable lightweight charger (500 g) that the warfighter can carry on or in their rucksack. Designed for field charging, the FLEX can be powered from a variety of power sources including solar, AC, DC or fuel cells. The charger includes advanced features such as Maximum Power Point Tracking and simultaneous charge capability.

Soldier Modernization portable battery system highly capacitive and light weight

With over 12 years experiences in major Future Soldier Programs, Bren-Tronics offers centralized battery for dismounted soldier to drastically reduce weight and optimize running time. Today, our unique 10.8V SMP® and 14.4V NETT+® rechargeable battery family offer the highest energy density +212Wh/kg possible for a true wearable soldier power system. Especially designed to support soldiers in their mission, the batteries have been successfully field tested and used by NATO countries since 2005.

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