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BCB International logoSpotlight on Survival Experts

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Since its creation in 1854, Cardiff-based BCB International Ltd has come a long way from making cough medicine destined for the frontline. It has been developing pioneering innovations that have helped generations of armed forces personnel operate and survive in some of the world’s harshest environments.

In recent years, BCB has developed a number of novel products designed to maximize the survivability and operational performance of soldiers.

Here is a closer look at some of the latest innovations BCB will be displaying at its DSEI stand N5-200 (12 – 15 Sept, Excel, London).

Unseen Heroes

Since the Falklands War, generations of NATO soldiers worldwide have relied on BCB’s camouflage face paints to stay concealed from the enemy. These military grade products use a secret recipe and mix of ingredients which make it IRR (Infrared Reflective), non-irritant, sweat resistant and provide high sun protection factor. BCB recently launched a NEW squeezable camouflage face paint which is available in individual colour tubes. The squeezable variant is now being used by the Canadian Defense Forces.

Fuelling your success

Warm food raises morale, energy and concentration levels. For far too long soldiers have been producing and inhaling toxic fumes when using their issued solid fuel tablets. BCB’s non-toxic and all-weather ‘FireDragon’ operational ration heating fuel makes this a thing of the past. Following extensive field and laboratory trials by the UK Ministry of Defence, the fuel and its specially fabricated stove are now issued to British Soldiers to heat their rations and warm their drinks. They will now feel the benefits of cooking with a cleaner and safer fuel.

Floating Body Armour

Security teams responsible for securing and patrolling your ports, docks or rivers against the threats of terrorism, narcotics trafficking and piracy will be buoyed up by BCB’s self-inflating Body Armour, ‘FATS’. Ingeniously designed and crafted from advanced materials, the FATS system automatically inflates within seconds of being immersed in water. It provides a massive 275 Newtons of buoyancy. The system is self-righting which means that it will keep the wearer’s airways clear from water.

Pirate/Terrorist Catcher

Provided in boat mounted and handheld formats, BCB’s non-lethal fast boat stopping systems are designed to help security teams to quickly stop non-compliant boats used in narcotics trafficking, piracy or terrorist acts in our ports, docks or rivers without harming the boat or occupants.

Modular SWAT armour plate carrier

BCB’s Police/SWAT modular armour plate carrier vest is equipped with an integrated quick release system which can be activated in less than five seconds and re-assembled in less than 20 seconds. The plate carrier is designed to receive additional and removable protectors (neck, shoulders, groin and coccyx) which enable the end user to scale up the level of personal protection in line with the risks they are faced with.

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