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3Si Group logoSafety and Survival....
no compromise

3Si Group companies; ISP, Typhoon and Ocean Safety combined have over 130 years of military experience

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Military lifestyle: ISP Lifejacket
Military lifestyle: ISP Lifejacket

Q: Who is 3Si?
A: The 3Si Group is a select group of companies who have secured a position in the global marine safety market and combined have over 130 years of industry expertise.

Our in-house design, development and manufacturing teams are on hand to work with MOD designers, builders and project managers, to create custom pieces of equipment to meet current or new legislation.

Decades of working closely with military organisations has provided us with the in-depth knowledge and insight required to develop technically advanced product, whilst illustrating the level of quality and service we offer.

Q: Safety Products in a marine environment are a necessity for most Military globally; as part of a five-company group how does this allow 3Si to be unique in serving this market?
A: As a group, we have a wide range of products and services in our portfolio. We can select and integrate products from across the group, to create and evolve complete packages and offer long term support after supply.

Our in-house manufacturing capability gives us the ability to be flexible in our approach to tailor products for exacting field and military requirements. This includes made-to-measure drysuits or adding extras from pockets to custom zips and logos. We can adapt to the needs of the soldiers and their missions, on land, sea and air, which is enhanced by our investment in product development as a result of ongoing user feedback.

As a group we pride ourselves in the quality of our products. Not only are all of our military drysuits and ancillaries made to the highest standards, each one is pressure tested before despatch. We have acquired product approvals to ISO 12402, S.O.L.A.S. USCG and a host of international and military standards, to ensure our military customers’ demands are satisfied.

Military lifestyle In water, Typhoon
Military lifestyle In water, Typhoon

Q: As a group you have been working extensively with the UK MOD, could you discuss the units you are supplying and the type of products they are purchasing?
A: As a Group we supply to all three arms of the MOD who operate around the globe covering jungles to oceans. Whether deployed by vehicles, ships or aircraft, we have supplied and continue to supply PPE, onboard devices and ship evacuation equipment. This includes the assault troop 300 and 400 lifejackets, tactical floatation devices and survival and immersion suits. All of the equipment is supported, serviced and repaired by us in the UK to deliver fast and efficient turnaround times.

Q: How are you helping the dismounted Soldier, Marine and Special forces market with developing innovative product and addressing areas such as lightening the load etc?
A: Our in-house design team have been working closely with military organisations to adapt, lighten and in some cases design new equipment. This work is supported by our technical personnel who have first-hand military experience and understand the personal requirements and needs of units.

As a Group we support from concept through to supply, ensuring that military personnel have products for field testing and evaluation, before supply.

We are committed to ongoing research and development to identify new fabrics and components to reduce the bulk and weight of equipment and achieve long term durability. This is supported by continuous user feedback, allowing us to design innovative, fit for purpose equipment.

Military lifestyle ISP Lifejacket
Military lifestyle ISP Lifejacket

Q: Are there any new products on the horizon?
A: Many of the products that we develop are for covert operations and therefore we cannot disclose such information. We have however, started to see an upturn in requests for AIS integrated solutions and the supply of PLBs.

AIS can be fitted into lifejackets, activating automatically upon lifejacket inflation or can be self activated on land. The first alert is sent within 15 seconds and is waterproof to a depth of ten metres. There are multiple uses for solutions like this in the field and is just one example of how the 3Si Group can advise.

This feature contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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