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Welcome to our new issue for a new year; so where are we in terms of developing and using new technology and providing better equipment? The answer is getting there.

There has been a slight increase in spending, new contracts awarded and new programmes started, please view full details in our programmes at a glance section in the middle of the journal and online here.

We are in a market where everyone is looking at vest systems, including power management for these systems via inter-changeable power supplies and equipment, meaning that not everyone in a unit needs to carry the same kit and with lightweight batteries and solar recharging, a problem in this area has been, to all effects, solved.

Where we go in incorporating M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) systems is a question which I think the military need to take a good look at, supplying to front line troops has always been a tough job, to be able to lighten drops to exact needs and to have remote power monitoring etc, could be an efficient way of reducing spend and lightening loads, very quickly. I am looking to set up a small discussion group looking at this technology, so please email me if interested.

We have our usual supporters in DARPA, USSOCOM and UK Military, thank you for your input as always, I would also like to welcome Gerrard Cowan to our team: a well know military journalist for some years it’s great to have him with us.

We will be supporting a higher number of military events this year, including being the main media partner for Land Systems at DSEI.

Please let me know your thoughts and ask any questions to my email below, good or bad it’s the only way we improve our information.

Robert Alcock
Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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