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Standard Brands UK logoClearing the fog-of-war

Current trends in the way armies are conducting their military operations, calls for the development of innovative customized set-of-tools for the dismounted soldier

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Figure 1: Celestial Attitude Determination System (CADS)
Figure 1: Celestial Attitude Determination System (CADS)
Figure 2: Micro Target Acquisition Tactical Unit (µTATU)
Figure 2: Micro Target Acquisition Tactical Unit (µTATU)
Figure 3: Integrated Soldier Target Acquisition (ISTA)
Figure 3: Integrated Soldier Target Acquisition (ISTA)
Figure 4: Target Acquisition Tactical Unit (TATU)
Figure 4: Target Acquisition Tactical Unit (TATU)
Figure 5: Tactical Goniometer (TG)
Figure 5:
Tactical Goniometer (TG)
Figure 6: Hand Held Display (HHD)
Figure 6: Hand Held Display (HHD)
Figure 7: Helmet Head Up Display (HHUD)
Figure 7: Helmet Head Up Display (HHUD)

“There is one certain thing in these situations: someone, from somewhere, will sometime shoot at you – somehow”. Similar quotes, depicting the ever-growing complexity of engaging NATO’s latest military operations, can be heard throughout western militaries’ personnel.

The rapid evolution of current counter-insurgency and counter-terror (CT) warfare characteristics, have seen a two phased-evolution process, affecting forces’ Modus Operandi:

Asymmetric warfare – as seen in Afghanistan, Iraq & Somalia campaigns; describes a warfare between a formal army and a non-formal entity, in which the non-formal entity uses guerilla tactics and weaponry, mostly in urban & semi-urban areas.

Hybrid warfare – as seen in the latest campaigns in Libya, Syria and Gaza strip; this “best-of-breed” approach, combines of formal and non-formal army’s tactics & weaponry by the adversary – in order to maximize each approach’s potential.

The common denominators of both approaches are adversary’s assimilation within civilian population, enhanced survivability through high-maneuverability and minimal exposure of potential targets to our forces.

In order to address these challenges & others, a set of dedicated capabilities is required to support the ground commander and operator- providing the following benefits:

  • Enhanced situational awareness: where am I, where are my friendly-forces, where are the targets.
  • Enhanced operational agility & lethality: allow our forces to easily, rapidly & accurately acquire targets on-the-move, while disseminating them onwards.
  • Enhanced Decision-making capabilities: support operator’s informed decision-making process, by providing field commanders with real-time operational picture.

Kearfott’s Dismounted Soldier Systems Group, which has been specializing in dismounted soldiers’ solutions for the last 20 years, has been focusing in the development of comprehensive set-of-tools, to support these challenges.

The group is comprised of multidisciplinary and highly-experienced individuals in corresponding domains, such as: North-finding & navigation, target acquisition, engineering & integration. Sourced from special forces, defense & high-tech industry communities – DMSS Group personnel holds operational know-how, merged with extensive technical expertise.

The group’s solutions address navigation, orientation, tactical-intelligence gathering, fire directing & target acquisition domains, and can be used either as a retrofit to armies’ legacy-systems or as novel, end-to-end solutions:

  • Target acquisition & observation devices: The CADS (Figure 1) is a self-contained module, which serves as Forward Observer’s precise Target Acquisition System. The CADS Module can be integrated to any user’s Goniometer or any platform, in need of precise azimuth and target-acquisition (for example: Forward Air Controller, Forward observation officers, Missile-launching systems etc.). Also included, are target acquisition solutions, such as: TATU, Micro TATU and ISTA (Figures 2,4,5).
  • Near eye displays: Whether hand held (HHD) or see-through helmet-mounted (HUD), DMSS systems support rapid and stealth view & operation of various C4I and video feeds (Figures 5 and 6).

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