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Volume 17 Articles


As we reach the half way point in 2016 we have come to a crossroads in global modernisation programmes, with new projects starting and others completing; on the down side, projects are being cancelled and changing prime contractors. Our up to date review in the centre of the SoldierMod Volume 17 publication and online here will fill you in.

It seems that larger, more active defence forces are leading the way as is expected, but more disconcertingly the countries that are allied to these countries are cancelling, changing or downscaling their programmes which could lead to problems in active duty.

Having said that it is good to see forces training together and passing on their expertise, we have two articles covering this from I Corps and the UK Military.

We have interesting articles from BAE on Broadsword, DARPA on their new drone technology which is innovative to say the least.

Innovation in the industry is moving at pace, we have articles across the board from lightweight ruggadised tablets, CBRN, connector technology, to new sight tech and cooking fuel and stoves. The ability to lighten every ounce and gain every inch is being achieved. There should be budget to allow all programme managers to look at this technology and pass on its benefits.

Soldier Modernisation is moving forward in educating and helping the industry, please avail yourself of our online question and answer service if you have any technical questions that you need answering.

If you have any suggestions, positive or negative, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I wish you a successful finish to 2016.

Robert Alcock
Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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