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  SoldierMod Volume 16 - January 2016
Volume 16 Articles

Invisio - No Noise. Only Your Voice.INVISIO Announces Continued TCAPS Procurements and New Contracts

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INVISIO, a provider of bone conducting and other headsets for U.S. DoD and several other allied militaries, has had continued success throughout 2015. The company recently announced additional orders being placed as part of an ongoing contract for PEO Soldier’s Tactical Communication and Protective System (TCAPS) programme.

The latest TCAPs procurement announced in September 2015, was worth SEK 10.9 million.

The company also announced new contracts with Australia and Canada. On 19 October 2015, the company announced that through its Australian partner, Defcon Technologies Group, it had been selected as the supplier of Combat Hearing Protection (CHP) systems for the Australian Department of Defense under the LAND 125 Soldier Modernisation Program for the Australian Army. The Standing Offer arrangement runs for five years, with options to extend it by up to four years. The initial order will be valued at approximately SEK 11 million to be delivered during the first half of 2016. A similar follow-on order is expected in the second half of 2016.

The contract is to supply contract to supply the Australian DoD with a combination of INVISIO S10 and V60 Hearing Protection Systems.

In a company press release, regarding the contract, Lars Højgård Hansen, CEO INVISIO, said, “INVISIO and Defcon have a long history of working together on supplying the Australian Army with communication solutions and we are of course very proud to have been awarded this important contract for the LAND 125 program. Our solutions provide unrivalled hearing protection, situational awareness and crystal clear communications. We look forward to working with Defcon and the Australian DoD over the coming years to deliver this product to Australian soldiers.”

The award by Australian DoD comes on the heels of an announcement in July of a similar contract with Canadian DND for its integrated soldier system (ISS) program. That award includes the INVISIO communication and hearing protection solution (control unit and headset). After an initial qualification phase, it is expected that the first 1,632 systems will be ordered and delivered during 2016, with an estimated order value of SEK 20 - 25 m for INVISIO. The award includes an option for 2512 additional systems.

Clear communications can mean the difference between success and failure to today’s warfighters. INVISIO has been at the forefront of providing bone conducing tactical headsets that can cut through the cacophony of the battlefield, and at the same time provide critical hearing protection to dismounted soldiers.

INVISIO develops technologies and products for advanced audio communication. INVISIO invented the patented Bone Conduction Technology for best possible speech communication between teams in all sound environments.

Invisio - No Noise. Only Your Voice. For more information please visit:

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