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  SoldierMod Volume 16 - January 2016
Volume 16 Articles


Welcome to the new issue of Soldier Modernisation, from a situation of budget cuts to a realisation by both Western and Eastern Governments that effective military resources are necessary in a world that is not as safe as it was 18 months ago. The changing landscape has air missions over parts of Iraq and Syria, the reality is that though effective in cutting supply lines, air strikes will not be as effective as boots on the ground and it will only be a matter of time in our opinion till that happens, with dismounted soldiers bearing the brunt of the fighting in close quarters.

Due to commitments Steve Goodman, has relinquished the role of Editor back to my good self, Steve will be working as the lead journalist on the project still, I would like to thank him for his continued input and writing.

We have editorial from our regular contributors DARPA and USSOCOM, with interesting pieces from Natick, on ‘Self-Healing Protective Clothing ‘, the UK military on their new futuristic uniform design, the US WIN-T network upgrades and new robotics that are increasing visibility beyond the line of sight.

As always our updated programme pages provide insight in to most programmes globally.

Please visit the web portal at, which has news, the journals available in e-reader format, a help service for technology questions and video channel.

From Industry we are covering all areas from Connectors, Military Fuels to Lightweight Computer Systems, the array of technology being produced is mind boggling, for the next issue we will be looking at advances from technology available ten to fifteen ago to modern day to put a perspective on the advancement achieved.

I would like to thank all our contributors and wish you all a successful 2016, as always if you have any comments, good or bad please email me, as this is one of the ways we improve our work.

Robert Alcock
Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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