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  SoldierMod Volume 15 - May 2015
Volume 15 Articles


Spring is a time of renewal, and this spring, with the industry continuing to bounce back from a lagging economy, and remarkable innovation coming from all corners of the globe, we can see a bit of a renaissance of Soldier Modernisation Programmes the world over.

Just to name a few of those blossoming ideas, in this issue we spring forward with a look at robotics, kinetic power harvesters, ruggedized computers, and body armour inspired by fish scales!

As we move into second quarter of 2015, we also are seeing a continuation of the trend in modernisation to “borrow” from the best of existing civilian tech. See our piece on the IDF’s practical application of technologies such as Google Glass.

With all of this ongoing innovation, we also address the challenges of integrating new C5ISR solutions with legacy equipment.

We welcome a new underwriter, BAE Systems, for our Programmes at a Glance, which has been completely updated.

Here at Soldier Mod, we will continue to improve. Keep your eyes open for the launch of our ongoing blog, regular Newsletters and YouTube Channel.

Anyone interested in contributing content to these platforms, please contact me directly, particularly if you have video content you would like to share.

As always if you have any questions, comments and views please send them to me, good or otherwise, we take everything on board to improve the quality of the information that you get.

Please continue to use the online portal for all your news and event info, and to answer any technical questions you may have. The journal is also available to download in E-Reader format, free of charge, at the above address.

Have a wonderful summer!

Steve Goodman
Editor, Soldier Modernisation

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