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  SoldierMod Volume 15 - May 2015
Volume 15 Articles

CQC logoIntegration by Design: the CQC Platform

Ben Shephard, Business Development Manager, CQC

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CQC is known for its reputation as an innovator when it comes to modernisation efforts involving the integration and the development of lighter, more capable wearable solutions.

From body armour to CBRN gear, to soldier worn electronic systems, the company uses groundbreaking design techniques that have delivered world-class integrated solutions which have enhanced the survivability and operational effectiveness of warfighters the world over.

Ranging from fully integrated power management systems to the development of bespoke carriage and protection solutions using current and legacy dismounted C3i systems, CQC continue to lead the way in integrated modularity, capability and survivability.

Man Worn Power & Data

In May 2012 CQC undertook supporting the UK MOD as part of the MWPD TDP (Technical Demonstrator Programme). The aim of the programme was to simplify connectivity and reduce the weight of soldier worn electronic systems.

CQC were delighted to be part of a world class team of companies tasked with not only designing a new system, but ensuring the design was fully integrated without compromising on protection and enhancing the wearer’s overall effectiveness, comfort and capability.

The approach focused on reducing system complexity, removing exposed cables and preventing snagging. The flexible power architecture allows the soldier to tailor the battery weight carried to the mission profile and to be fully informed of his electrical power status.

A single high speed USB2.0 wiring system, integrated into the Osprey body armour vest, replaces the ‘cable spaghetti’ currently used to link the portable devices carried by the soldier. This enables adaptive control of the power flow through the clothing so that batteries can be recharged using power from any available power source, such as vehicle, APU, operating base mains supply or a solar panel. Low priority devices are automatically disconnected when power is running low.

Working with Key Defence Companies

In the past 12 months CQC has further developed its integration technology through working in partnership with some of the large technology and communication focused defence companies. Using CQC’s latest body armour vests with their industry leading quick release solution and ever evolving ergonomic vest designs the company has worked with various partners to design bespoke pouches and wiring integration.

CQC’s focus on design and commitment as well as its longstanding history in quality vest manufacture provide perfect synergy with other technology and communication companies. With new partnerships forming, CQC’s integrative designs are bound to be a key technology in global soldier modernisation programmes for years to come.

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CQC will be showcasing their latest integrated technology at DSEI in London in September. Visit the stand N5-450 for more information and to get hands on the latest products.

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