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ODUHigh-Density for Challenging Applications!

ODU to introduce new, highly robust miniature connector series at electronica – also customized upon request

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From medical technology to consumer electronics to military technology: the trend toward miniaturization continues. High-Density connections provide the highest possible number of contacts in the most compact space. It gives developers new possibilities and solutions while simultaneously challenging the manufacturer. Because the connectors’ reliability and electrical and mechanical robustness must remain intact in spite of the compact size.

Compact but powerful!

ODU, the specialist for electrical connector technology, introduced a new, highly robust miniature connector series at the exhibition electronica in Munich.

“With a diameter of less than 10 mm to 18.5 mm and a contact density of up to 40 contacts, the ODU AMC High-Density series proves that premium quality can also come in small packages,” explains Günter Rohr, Global Portfolio Manager ODU. In addition to the High-Density signal connector, the company’s portfolio also includes versions for “Power” (up to 15 A) and “Data Transfer” (USB 3.0 with 5A power) in the most compact space. The ODU miniature connectors offer an impressively long service life of more than 5,000 mating cycles even under challenging conditions. Blind mating and optimized mechanical and colour coding ensure reliable and simple handling. Thanks to the Break-Away function, the reliable connection can be released with just a tug on the cable, which makes it possible to change or separate connections in a second.

Comprehensive manufacturing competence from one source

Miniaturization calls for solutions in various areas, from contact technology all the way through to the necessary manufacturing processes. “We consolidate all relevant competencies and key technologies in one company,” Günter Rohr points out. The independent, medium-sized company offers more than just connectors in the most compact sizes: it also supplies the matching system solutions. For connectors, this means innovative options for assembly and overmoulding for the cable bend relief, as well as connections to flex and PCB solutions on the device side. Günter Rohr emphasizes the advantages: “This guarantees that our customers have economical and reliable termination technology for the ODU AMC High-Density.”

Individual solutions made to measure

The new ODU AMC High-Density products were initially ODU’s response to the demand from the military and security technology field in Europe and the USA. In the second step the company is creating dependable High-Density connections in further markets, such as medical technology, sensor systems, and communication technology. Upon request, the ODU experts will naturally also develop miniature connectors to customer specifications – and consequently create “A perfect alliance” around the world.

The ODU Company Group: Global representation with perfect connctions
ODU is one of the world’s leading connector systems suppliers and employs more than 1,650 people around the world. Aside from company headquarters at Mühldorf am Inn, the ODU Group also has an international production and distribution network in Europe, North America and Asia. ODU combines all relevant areas of competence and key technologies relating to design and development, machine tool and special machine construction, injection, stamping, turning, surface technology, assembly and cable assembly. The ODU group sells its products around the world and has an international distribution network. This includes seven sales companies in China, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Sweden and the USA, as well as numerous sales partners around the world. Connections from ODU ensure reliable transmission of power, signals, data and media in numerous demanding application areas: in future-oriented growth markets such as medical technology, military and security technology, and energy technology, as well as in established sectors such as industrial electronics, measurement and testing technology, and automotive technology.


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