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Ring Sights logoOn Target!

Soldier Mod talks with Shaun Elliot,
Managing Director, Ring Sights

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Ring sights is a leading manufacturer of unit power sights and zeroing devices for military and law enforcement uses worldwide.

LC30 grenade sight. Photo ©: Ring Sights.
LC30 grenade sight. Photo ©: Ring Sights.

Q: Last time we spoke we talked a lot about the particular challenges when designing gun sight technology for the kinds of weapons used by today’s modern warfighters and the long history Ring Sights has had in meeting those challenges. Since the last quarter, is there a particular “R&D” challenge you may have faced, are facing, or a specific need or request you are responding to?
A: For nearly forty years our dedicated teams of expert staff have been committed to meeting the evolving targeting challenges of the modern warfighter. Over the past few years we have invested over £250,000 to upgrade our facilities and now offer state of the art production facilities to provide world-class service and quality assurance to the military.

Q: Have you introduced any new products, or received any recent contracts or awards you would like to tell us about?
A: One of the company’s latest and most important products - the Ring Sight LC30. This is a unit powered reflex sight that provides first hit probability to the ballistics full range. It is of solid glass construction for excellent durability and precision with no chance of internal misting. No batteries are required but it is able to be used in all light conditions, day or night. It is NVG compatible and provides LV from 0m to 350m at 25m intervals. Zeroing bases available and sight mounting options. Eye relief is not critical but optimum 200m to enable NVG goggles to be worn. Aperture: 30 x 10. Weight: 272 grams, which includes 2 degrees zeroing base and quick release.

Q: With what you are at liberty to disclose of course, what new areas of R&D do you think Ring Sights will be moving into, or new product lines to be introduced over the next six months to a year?
A: I personally have been involved in all stages of design and manufacture for over thirty years with the company. My team and I continue to challenge the barriers of technology to create even better designs and results for every area of the military. We would be very happy for any one interested to call and arrange a visit to our new factory location in Rye, East Sussex.

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